Reston, Virginia
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I recently purchased a 22" Samsung HDTV from Costco (Model T220HD). I was able to hook it up but the screen turned black intermittently. This indicated a power problem, either in the set or my home.

I called Costco Technical Support and after an unsuccessful attempt to solve the problem, they connected me with someone at Samsung. That person also failed and tried putting me through to a more experienced technician. However, the call was disconnected and I was left with a dial tone.

The next morning, I returned to Costco and exchanged the 22'' Model for a 24" Model, (Samsung T240HD). I returned home with the larger set and spent most of that day on the phone with Costco Technical Support, trying to get the set to work. I was having the same problem as I was having with the 22" set.

I then decided to give up on Samsung and return to Costco for a third set. Before going to bed that night, I tried jiggling the connection of the power cord to the back of the TV. I discovered that power was reaching the set intermittantly. It then dawned on me that the plug going into the TV was too loose and was dropping down due to its own weight and breaking contact.

I tried wrapping some adhesive tape around the plug so that it would fit more tightly into the recess in the back of the TV. It worked!! Problem solved. No thanks to Costco or Samsung. I find it hard to believe that none of the technicians knew about this poorly designed connection which had caused me so much trouble.

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I hope you are enjoying your Samsung television. It is regrettable that this happened to you.

With some extra word puzzles and games I bet your problem-solving skills will improve.

Then, it will take less time for you to figure out that you haven't properly plugged in the power supply to your television.

Also, I recommend the cakes at Costco for your next get-together. They are exquisite and a great value.

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