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I took my car in to this Costco tire center on a rainy Sunday to get one tire changed. I dropped it off, and they called me when it was done, and said hey, we rolled the window down, and it won't roll back up.

Side note: that window has not been functioning for a while. I took it in to a different mechanic two weeks prior and they checked it out. I have a record of them saying that window does not function. The buttons do not work. It was stuck in the up position, and as this is an old car I don't intend to keep much longer, I didn't worry about fixing it. But the window does not roll down.

Costco claims all they did was press the button to roll down the window, which I know cannot be true, as I had this written proof from a mechanic that that window did not function. But they left my car out in the storm with a thin tarp over the window, and basically said that it's not their problem.

I filed a claim with Costco, and the manager took photos of my tarp-covered window (not the actual window, where there were actual signs of damage). I had no choice but to bring my car in to a mechanic immediately, as it was stormy and I do not have a garage to store this car. Naturally, the only place open on Superbowl Sunday was the most expensive. I paid $500 for them to fix the window that Costco broke. Also, this mechanic showed me the window- there were definite signs of force on the rubber around my window.

ELEVEN DAYS after the incident, I get a call from claims saying they will not pay for the damage. I got no offer of compensation for the hassle they caused me, or reimbursement for the fact that I had to leave my car with a mechanic overnight, and hitch a ride to work the next day. Every single Costco staff member I talked to about the incident (there were many) was rude. The initial person who called me to tell me they couldn't get the window up hung up on me. When I called a week after filing the claim to check on the status, a lady told me they can't give out the claims number and I just had to wait. Costco overall has been extremely unapologetic, and I have never experienced this at a Costco before, nor will I ever again, because I will never return to a Costco.

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Claim.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Good riddance to you. Assuming that the window would not roll down did not turn out to be true did it?

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