Clarksville, Indiana
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Despite being a loyal customer I constantly ask myself why I come back when everything in the tire shop takes an act of congress to complete. First of all its bogus you can buy tires but cant schedule anything.

Then I'm told it would take up to 2 hours to out them on. 3 hours later still not done, but I have seen 4 tire shop employees walking around in the store and some of them twice. Bottom line is they are never timely and I'm sick of it.

Happens ever time whether I buy new tires or come in for a rotation and balance. I shouldnt need to block out a half a day for any of this

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Also you did not disappoint me, the only people disappointed would be your parents if they actually did teach you right from wrong.


"Nice try, but there are no errors in my comment. I know it would have made your day to find one.

I'm so sorry to disappoint you."

There are errors in your comment. You have misplaced periods.

You have spelling mistakes. Perhaps have mommy check over your work since you are obviously retarded and do not see the mistake yourself.

Before you go around lying and saying you did not make those posts you already admitted to making the ones with the spelling mistakes.

If you do know about your spelling mistakes (which I suspect you do) then you are a liar and have bad parents who never taught you right from wrong.


I bet the tire shop employee walking around the store are either on break or asked to help elsewhere. Four hours is not half a day. The fact that you cannot spell `can`t and do not know that twelve not four hours is half a day makes me wonder whose care you keep stealing because clearly with that lack of education you are not old enough to drive, and if you are you are not intelligent enough to pass your driving test.


Proof read your own comments before talking about others. If you don't know the difference between car and care then you shouldn't be correcting other people's writing or questioning their intelligence.


Maybe you should take the same advice and proofread your own work. You have errors as well.


Nice try, but there are no errors in my comment. I know it would have made your day to find one. I'm so sorry to disappoint you.

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