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Bear in mind I have no grudge against Costco.

I just find it funny when the posters rip people here with a beef about Costco.

To everyone: Alot of the people defending Costco are EMPLOYEES who work at the Call Center, I know they used to make us troll message boards when I worked there before I finished my degree (which they paid for). I don't have a beef. Just letting anyone who's a "hater" know that the smack responses are coming from employees of that cultish place we pay to shop at. That's how they roll at the Cost-to-the-co...

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Costco seems to have pretty good customer service...only 36 complaints for such a big company. You look at best buy and they have close to 700 complaints.

Some of the complaints about Costco are pretty weak to.

It's pretty easy to tell when a comment is written by a Costco employee and it's a little disappointing that the company which seems to have such a good reputation, endorses its employees to troll the message boards. Its not necessary and unprofessional.


My smack responses come from the heart. I don't work at Costco, but I do enjoy the free samples, delicious food, great clean environment and the higher class people that seem to shop and work there.

I hope you are enjoying your degree and it has paid immense dividends.

I also enjoy the All American Chocolate Cake.


Well some of the complaints are realistic. But there was this one child that wrote a letter to Costco that his wife could not wait in line because she was in a hurry.

Not only that but the little boy's wife tore up the reciept and went out of the store.

I don't think they are really husband and wife I think they are only husband and wife in play because they don't allow 12 year old's to marry. Which makes me wonder where the adults of the "husband" and "wife" were.

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