Los Angeles, California
Not resolved

Very bad service with my return . Not able to help me refund change it or fix it.

NO Help what so ever.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Stores generally only have a 15-30 day return/exchange policy for electronics. Why would you think they could do something after six years?

That would be a manufacturers issue. Or you could find a repair shop yourself, but after six years you really can't expect the store to do anything for toy.


You wanted to return a six-year old TV. That plan went away about six years ago. What planet do you live on?


This is in El Centro California. No help what so ever , one of the employees even made a comment out loud for everybody to hear that she havent seen this Tv in 50 yrs.

I bought this 73 inch Tv, 6 YRS ago.

For $2,200.

For only six yrs of life..

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