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Issues with this website, not Costco.

Original review posted by user Oct 18, 2018

(Am writing this because of seeing other comment/issues using SNAP cards.) Many times I can't even get out to go shopping for myself. A friend of mine is close to Costco & said she would make a trip there for me.

Just like other friends/family would go wherever they were close & take my snap card & my list of things I needed & do the shopping for me. Sometimes if I know for sure there is some sort of mobile device & I am able I'll go but most of the time I can't even do that so I've been fortunate with these kinds of amazing people in my life. I obviously don't have a Costco card, if I did, I would probably not need the SNAP assistance. If my friend ended up doing all this shopping for me (with or without me there) & they decided not to honor my card, there would be a VERY big issue!

They are still getting paid, it doesn't matter who is paying them & it would be the same thing if 2 people walked in & separated their orders but put it on only one person's membership...that has been done more times than I can imagine!

I used to do the huge promotions there a LOT of years ago & Costco used to care a lot about their workers & everyone that walked into their store. I'll keep praying that is still the same & again...IF my dear friend ends up trying to do an amazing favor for me one way or another, I'll keep positive thoughts that things have not changed.

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So you don’t have a membership and you expect someone else to use your card to pay??? There’s so many things wrong with this


Nothing is "expected". How else would someone who physically can't get food on their own get it otherwise?

My card is used because many times I'm not able to go, what else should I do...EXPECT my friend, my mother or someone else to pay out of their pocket or just go without food? I've never considered Costco before but A suggestion, one suggestion & looked it up out of curiosity for maybe this one shopping trip.

Nothing expected, EVER & you never know what another person is going through. There is only one judge, it's not me.


Sounds like the VERY big issue is you.


If you read my title & what I wrote I personally haven't had a problem with Costco. Specifically said was writing because of what others have experienced.

Even went further to say from what I knew of Costco they were great & would keep positive thoughts. Reading some stories about them not accepting SNAP yes was disappointing & I took a chance by sharing some of what my challenges being disabled. If you have decided that my disability is the VERY big issue, then you are entitled to your opinion.

All I can do is pray you wouldn't say anything like that to someone like me if/when we ever had the chance to get out since most of us are home bound. It's sad we as humans are quick to judge & speak down to each other.


So Exactly What do you Want Costco to do about this?

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