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I have been living in Vancouver for more than 20 years, but i have never like to shop at Costco. Of course, I will not apply for their membership card as well.Last year (2015 May), I got a Costco gift card from my friend, then I went to Costco for spending it. I only spent C$9.44. When I checked out, the cashier asked me for my membership card. I told her that I am not the member of Costco, then she said, "how you get in". I told her that I just showed my gift card to the doorman, then I got in. The cashier said, "you should ask for a temporary entry card". I said, "how can I know that I should ask for a temporary card for entering to Costco". Then she said, "you should go to the customer service counter for asking them to give you a temporary card first". I was starting to lose my patience, and said, "I am already in and I am shopped already. Just checked out for me". But she kept on said, " why you don't have a membership card". I said, "I don't need because I don't shop in Costco a lot". Then she said, "now you are here". Then I said, "I came here today because I got a gift card otherwise I will not shop here". This time, I had totlly lost my patience. But she was too much aggressive, kept on telling me that she got a membership card even though she doesn't shop at Costco a lot. I said to her that "you got one (membership card) but it doesn't mean that I have to get one". Then I paid my stuff by using my gift card and I went to the exit for requesting to see the manager. I told the lady manager that the lady cashier was too much aggressive for forcing me to join the Costco member. And also, the cashier sounded to me that it was my fault because I didn't come in with a temporary entry card.Unfortunately, I still have C$20.56 left with my Costco gift card, few days ago, (6 Mar 2016), I went back to Costco for spending it all. This time the doorman told me to go to the customer service counter for a temporary entry card. So I did I. But the customer service lady asked me for my ID. I told her that I don't have it with me, then she said to me that she couldn't give me a temporary entry card without ID. I said, " who will have their ID all the time". But she didn't care. Then I went to the exit again for requesting to see the manager. The doorman told me that the manager was inside the customer service counter, then I returned to the customer service counter again. He was a Philippino. I asked him that why I need to have a piece of ID. He said that "because this place is for membership only. I have no clue still that what is the relationship between a membership card and a temporary entry card. I told him that I know Costco is for membership only and told him that it was not necessary for repeating again and again. But he still couldn't give me a good answer. His answer was only " this place is for membership only". It sounded to me that I should join the membership. I felt that these Costco staff were trying to sell more memberships. But I felt it was too much pressure from them. Then I got mad and the Philippino manager told me to get out of there. I was thinking, oh, my god, what kind of customer service was that. Might be he thought I was rude because I was angry. but no matter what, customer is customer, they should have patience for explaining their policy. They should not tell the customer to get out of there.They have to learn more about customer services and pay attention to thir words when talking to the customers.And the Costco company, when you are creating your policy, you have to think that is your policy reasonable to customers. Don't you have to make it so serious for just a piece of temporary entry card. What is the reason that you need an ID for a temporary card when a customer walked in with their gift card. That is not a good way for trying to make a customer to be a membership. For the past 20 years, I am not your member, in future, I will not as well because I don't like your policy. Now, only I can do is selling the rest amount of my gift card to my any friends and will tell them "I accept any other gift cards BUT NOT COSTCO GIFT CARDS".

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Gift Card.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $21.

Costco Cons: Bad experience, Management behavior.

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Ha ha. Thank you, I needed a laugh.

Maybe when you grow up a little bit you can come back and read this and have a giggle. Oh, and before you lose all of your friends: it is rude to decline a gift given graciously to you. If someone gives you a gift card to a place that you are not a fan of, politely accept it with a sincere thank you because it is the thought that counts, then, down the road, re-gift the card.

By the way: COSTCO IS For MEMBERS ONLY! Temporary id's are (this week blow your mind) TEMPORARY, and can only be issued to an individual a certain number of times, which is why they need an id to track it.

It wouldn't be fair to the paying members of none members were allowed to come in free as many times as they like with a temporary pass. By the way, it is always a good idea to have a valid id on you at all times for identification during an emergency, most adults know that.


You do NOT need to be a member to shop with a gift card at Costco. This person should complain to Costco's corporate office. The manager needs some retraining.


I was under the impression purchases could not be rung up without the membership card being swiped. Just sell the giftcard to someone who has a membership and call it a day. No need to get your panties in a bunch over this.

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