Avon, Massachusetts

As I grow older I have come accustomed to paying for things that as a child we would never have dreamed being charged such as water. Water falls from the sky for free, yet we all pay hundreds of dollars each year for bottled water.

Air is free. We all breath it in and out freely on a daily basis. Now we are charged to put air in our tires. The new warehouse clubs, we pay our hard earned money for the privilege to shop at their location.

But now to add insult to injury I am at Costco Wholesale Club in Avon attempting to order a special cake for a special event when this woman approaches me and tells me she is the cake decorator, Linda, and she can make me a bigger, better, more creative cake than Costco allows her to do if I will order it from her personally and she will do the work at her home and meet me to deliver the cake and she can collect her cash. Is this some new service or is this an employee stealing from their employer? I admit I am old fashioned but that encounter really irked me. I pay to shop there, not to be accosted and hustled while I am there.

Has this happened to anyone else? I am not sure who to tell.

But the whole thing makes me want to give up my membership. Any thoughts?

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You may be an old lady but you act like you are six years old that is my thought. You seem to want the cake to be extra special but don`t want to pay for it.


I heard from the cake decorator that all the bakery managers do is walk around and talk to people. All the work falls on her. Basically, I would tell her not to let the door hit you on your way out.


Ya have to watch that Costco Bakery. They take the items that did not sell timely and repackage them with a new code date making the item appear as though it was just made.

At least at the cake decorator's house it should be something made fresh LOL

And yea, we pay to shop there, who's the smart one??

But stealing is stealing and should never be allowed. No matter what the manner of theft.


With Costco it's cake decorating OUR WAY or the HIGHWAY, take or leave it.... The manager would not hesitate to fire this employee if he was made aware of your encounter. If the employee wishes to offer more than Costco then to open a bakery elsewhere.


Does anyone know who the warehouse manager is or how I can contact him or her. Plenty of people agree with me about wanting to turn in their memberships to Costco.

Who needs that extra aggravation every time you go to shop. I am not helping some low life steal from the employer.


You should complain to the manager of that store. That employee should be fired.

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