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Last night 04/09/12 I was at Costco in Chandler Az store , after one hour of shopping and about $450 worth of food and other goods the cashier tells me my card expired a week ago , and ask if I want to renew it now or next time I come in so jokingly I said I'm moving to WV so right away she said I have to pay to renew my card or I can't shop , so now I was upset that the fact I was a Costco member for 24years and to be treated this way so I asked for the manger so when he came she told him I'm moving away and I wont be shopping at Costco any more so he said renew now or leave the store because this is for members only , so I said shame on Costco for not training their employees good enough and I have been a loyal customer of Costco for 24 years and I spend not less than $15,000 a year , Costco need to learn from the other giants who fall before them , they got too big and they forgot how to communicate with their customers , without customers you wouldn't have a business , so guess where I'm going Sam's club .

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So...they are at fault for your irresponsibility?


Don't feed the troll. Costco has not been around for 24 years. By the way, Sam's Club does an automatic renewal if it is more than a month passed your renewal date.

Good luck with that...whiner.


You guys were not in the same situation. It's frustrating to encounter something like that.

Attack a person for their experience. Wait until you have gone through something like Sam. I totally agree with him. COSTCO stinks!!!

Go down. Just like other big giants. That's what you will get for mistreating people. Discriminating!!!!!

Costco is starting to get really bad.

If you are not in that situation, stop talking because every Costco is different. I am canceling my membership, I better get a full refund.




So because of 1 employee's actions you *** the entire company? I always hate the people that feel like they are entitled to some special treatment because they are a loyal customer.

Guess what, your not special, your just another one of the millions of other members, and the cashier has to follow company policy. Do you honestly think she even HAS the ability to make an exception?

No, she doesn't, so complaining that she is doing her job is not going to get you very far.

Guessing your the same type of person that brings in coupons that expired a year ago and then whines when the cashier won't accept it.


costco is a scam with high prices and zero service!! After 16 years, I am DONE with this company.

The biggest *** x 1,000 in Florida run the Jacksonville FL costco. Overpriced and RUDE as ***!!!

Off to Sams & BJ's for me from now on. no kidding!

@*** costco

Typical response when someone doesnt get there way. Ill go to the competitor.


costoc has gone to *** for lots of reasons. I would need about 20 pages to give details.

After 16 years, their service has vanished.

Biggest *** on the planet run the Jax, FL costco. Total *** x 1,000.


The Costco employee was totally correct about the company policies. I think Costco is nice in that they let you renew at the register so it's fast and easy. The membership refund policy is top notch.

I've never come in contact with a rude Costco employee and most will go out of their way to do something for you.

@Seattle Girl

I've had the same experience in San Diego and Palm Springs. They are always courteous and helpful. Maybe that's because we are on the left coast!


Just let your auto or home insurance lapse for a week and try filing a claim for the time you weren't covered, even if you were a customer for 24 years. Good luck!


Sam, I am sure your pathetic $15000 to a store that makes billions a year won't be missed. I am sure they won't miss you behaving like you are six years old when you don't get your way either.

myself must have dropped out of kindergarten to believe that the people telling this person that they don't accept non member purchases are Costco employees. Seriously perhaps you posted that because they fired you or you were arrested for stealing. Hey if you can use that childish logic so can I.

However anyone over the age of five mentally realizes that this person is in the wrong and should just have paid the membership fee knowing their card was expired rather than throwing a temper tantrum.


Just so you know helping a customer is not bending and changing the rules just for them.



If you think it is rude to tell someone that they cannot make a purchase because their card expired you have self esteem issues.


If you had really been a Costco customer for 24 years you would know that they will not allow you to make a purchase on an expired card. Maybe you should not be lying about moving and make yourself read the rules.

15000 a year (assuming you are not lying again) is nothing to them.

You may have been a customer for 24 years but you act like you are still in the first grade. Looks like you need training in knowing not to lie and that the world does not revolve around you.


That's what is wrong with the world today. Everyone thinks that they are owed something.

You were not owed anything. Your membership was expired. Boohoo. Shut up and renew it. is awesome. They ship to west Virginia for free.


how sad it is to see comments by Costco employees masked as regular customers comments. You people must learn to be able to have good manners and be able to talk to customers and solve their issues the right way.

Your policy may say something, but you must find a way to help your customer. don't be useless


Costco can be annoying at times. One time I showed my card when entering the store, but the person was yakking with her co-worker working the exit, and then yelled at me after I passed her.

I looked at her like WTF? Also, not crazy about people working there helping themselves to the samples. Looks bad.

Finally, I hate that they call me by my first name at the checkout. Sorry, but I don't know you.


Costco is a great Co , and I used a spend more than $15k a year at Costco but you know I rather spend it at locally owned businesses


With an expired card the register computer won't allow you to start the transaction. You can get a manager or supervisor to key in a #99 but those hurt store numbers and corporate gets upset if those numbers are too high.

The managers must somewhat adhere to the membership policy because you would not believe how many people come in on a daily basis and try to shop at our low prices without paying for a membership. Next time you don't renew your membership to the gym or your credit card, see if they will let you continue to take advantage of them. You could have had the logic of renewing the card, completing the transaction, and then cancelling your membership for a FULL REIMBURSEMENT before leaving the store. I don't know about your store but my store gets repeated compliments about our service above all other retailers, especially Sam's Club.

Also, Consumer Reports did a study on Costco and nine other major retailers and I'll give you one guess as to who was rated number one. You say you're going to Sam's Club and I'll also give you one guess as to who was rated number eight. WalMart, the parent company of Sam's Club, is notorious for being one of the most deceitful companies and was rated last place of all 10 companies.

There is a reason that with similar prices as Sam's Club that the average Costco pulls in around $120 million annual sales while the average Sam's Club rakes in $80-90 million. Best of luck to you at Sam's Club.


I dont think the person was complaining about the cost of a membership... I think the real point is how they treat them.

I totally agree with what he stated... They do have a way of speaking to the customers. Its really sad because they were not like that years ago. I am also a long time member of Costco since 1985...

I love the company but there employees have some major issues at times... I love the food, clothes, and many many items ...

my favorite place in the world... good luck...

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