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Why doesn't Costco accept all credit cards like other stores do? If you don't have Visa now Costco will not accept other cards such as Mastercard.

I went to shop last week and I had to borrow money from my sister-in-law in order to pay for my groceries. At Sam's I don't have any problem paying. It would seem that Costco would follow suit in order to keep customers. Why can't Costco accept all credit cards?

By you restricting your payment method you are losing some customers. It seems to me that the customer should choose what method of payment he or she chooses.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Because it costs money that would be passed to the consumer. It costs the company money for every credit transaction and with over 10 million customers they don't want to raise prices if they don't have to.


Correct. Costco spends a lot of effort on finding a credit card that is a good deal for both the company and for the customer. My last rebate check from the credit card use was over $1250, and I expect the new card to return even more cash.

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