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Why does Costco NOT provide any bags and then expect us to carry a *** load of *** and show our receipt before we leave? My hands are usually full, and having people at the door wanting to see my purchase is ridiculous and unnecessary.

If the company is afraid of theft, then they need a better system in place. I HATE being bothered by the door people when I leave when it is obvious that my hands are full and I can barely balance my shopping.

It makes impulse shopping hard, since I go in for 1 item and end up buying more. This store is not as convenient for shoppers.

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They don't purchase bags for their store because it helps them keep costs down. And it's better for the environment anyways.

So glad you're like every other selfish consumer.

Bring your own bags (they'll load them for you if you want), get a cart, or get a box. Simple.


Are you dumb? Get a basket.

Please like the items there would fit in a bag anyway!

Plus the cashiers DO make mistakes and that way you don't get double charged. That costco I bet would be glad for you to stop shopping there


You don't need bags. They have carts, take a hint and use them. It is your own fault if your arms are too full.


I don't know how they do it in Canada, but every Costco warehouse I've ever visited had these metal baskets with wheels available at the entrance to the store, so shoppers don't have to carry their bulk purchases.


My local Costco has a couple big bins, filled with boxes that we can use to put our stuff in; heck, they'll box it for us most of the time!

And yeah, they let us take the carts out to our car, too.


Maybe not furnishing bags, is how they can afford allegedly pay their employees so much more. Several years ago, I bought a TV stand at Best Buy, and an employee loaded the box up in the shopping cart, I checked out and paid in cash, and got stopped at the door so they could see my receipt.

Put buzzers on the doors and alarm devices on the merchandise. Doesn't Costco let the customers take the shopping carts outside?


Sioux Falls, how many sites a day do you respond to?


As many as I please.

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