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Update by user May 09, 2013

this issue was finally resolved to my satisfaction, restoring my faith and patronage with costco. i promptly bought this new computer :)

Update by user Apr 12, 2013

i was asked to provide an update. costco and jb hunt continue to play good cop bad cop and the claim was again denied.

i am now moving to sue costco in small claims court. they cannot shirk this responsibility.

Original review posted by user Mar 12, 2013

a clothes washer i purchased from costco included delivery and installation. some weeks later, it was discovered that the cold water hose was improperly installed, resulting in a slow leak behind the wall and resulting in damage to the ceiling of the common area garage below and to some flooring in the unit.

costco said that j.b hunt would handle the claim, but after months of needless delay (e.g. the inspectors said they sent couldn't download their photos) they denied the claim without explanation.

i don't yet know the dollar amount of the damage because i was relying on them to assess the damage. i have spent much money at costco over many years in large part because of their reputation for good customer service, but i am most displeased with the handling of this matter and will likely cancel my membership.

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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