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I would like to ensure that all fellow Costco Members and consumers are aware of the lack of customer service and assistance when dealing with products that are damaged/defective straight from the box.

On 26Oct12, I placed an order via for a 60" Samsung 3D LED LCD Smart TV, which came with a soundbar, keyboard and 3D glasses as a bundle. I was rather excited about this purchase, as I felt it was a great deal at a price below $2500 for everything.

Anyway, here's where my situation becomes rather interesting: when 01Nov12 rolled around, and the White Glove Delivery Service came through and delivered my TV, but due to other circumstances (I'm in the service and I received notification on approximately 28Oct12 that I will be receiving orders to be augmented to a new unit in support of a mission stateside around 15Nov12), I requested that the delivery men keep the TV and accessories in the original packaging/box, as I wasn't sure if I were to be home to enjoy the wonders of the TV. So long story short, I never had the TV unpacked or the tape removed from the box for that matter, and I left for my service and returned home on 15May13.

Upon my return, I was so excited to finally have my apartment become a home, and especially to have this glorious piece of electronic magnificence mounted to my wall. I called my brother and mother over to assist me with the unboxing, and well, to my horror and surprise, when we took that 60" beast out of the box, there were cracks running through the length of the screen, something that I clearly did NOT want to see. I contacted Costco via the online customer service support email contact system, and explained the situation in great detail, only to have the representative who replied to my email state that there was nothing Costco was willing to do, due to my issue occurring outside of the 90 day electronic return policy window (see attached email with response). Bummer. I have a rather UNIQUE situation, so I figured that I would call the customer service line and speak with someone in effort to better convey my plight and hopefully get some kind of resolution. DENIED! I was told to contact the concierge service, and I did just that and was told that due to the issue being that it was concerning a cracked screen, this was not a service that the concierge team would handle and that I should attempt to contact Costco customer service yet again, to ask for some compassion/sympathy since I've been a customer for YEARS and also have an Executive Membership account with them... lame.

I decided to take it upon myself to contact my renter's insurance and submit a claim, and sadly, it took roughly a trillion years (clearly exaggerating) to get the response that "due to the damage occurring in a non-perilous situation (meaning that the damage was not incurred during an earthquake or flood or theft, etc), that my renters insurance policy does not cover such specified damages. What the ***. I'm so glad it took up until essentially this past FRIDAY for them to break the news... double lame.

Today I called Costco customer service yet AGAIN!! to explain the situation and express that I took extra measures with contacting the concierge service to submitting a claim with my insurance company, and then I requested that I speak to a Supervisor to see what other options were available... well, let's just say that due to the fact that it took me up until late May of this year to report the damage, and now that 10+ months have passed since the date of purchase, that COSTCO CANNOT AND WILL NOT MAKE AN EXCEPTION TO THEIR POLICY, DESPITE THE FACT THAT I CAN PROVE MY ABSENCE WITH MY ORDERS TO SERVICE AS WELL AS PROOF THAT I HAVE TRIED MULTIPLE OUTLETS TO SEEK ASSISTANCE. If you are a current or even past Member of Costco, you will know that their policies are amazing and they do truly back the merchandise that they carry, but wow. I do have a unique situation and I can fully prove all that happened, it's just that they refuse to assist a Member with outstanding purchase history with a situation that utterly SUCKS and was completely out of their (the Member - me), as well as Costco's control... I mean, who knows if the TV was damaged in transit, fell over, or was damaged at the manufacturer's facility... but come on, I would expect more from such a wonderful company who does everything - well ALMOST everything - to keep their Members satisfied... After today I have half the mind to cancel my membership, have my family members cancel their memberships, and go to their competitor, Sam's Club to conduct business.

I'm beyond irritated and disappointed with Costco and their customer service; or lack there of, concerning my situation. I'm not asking for blood, or for them to reinvent the wheel; I just want to either get a replacement or my money back. I even asked for partial credit, and I was promptly denied that as well. Makes me livid, and now I have to eat a damned near $2500 cost due to circumstances beyond my control. *** THANKS EVER SO MUCH COSTCO!

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $2449.

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Buy a new one (same model) in the store. Take the old one, put it in the new ones box, and take it back with the new ones receipt.

When the serial numbers match and they show the same model they will take back the TV.


i would bring everything you have into your closest costco and ask to speak with the warehouse manager. remain cool, explain your side of the story and let him know what you'd like him to do for you, within reason. i know someone who had a similar situation and the warehouse manager at her local costco was very, very helpful and resolved her issue.