Twin Falls, Idaho
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I consistently find out dated or best by the same day that I shop, this can't be correct? I would think a perishable item like bread should have at least 3 days of code left on it when a customer buys it?

I have asked several times to talk to management so they can see that they have an issue with this product and have gotten nowhere, all I ever get is a thank you and we wil get it taken care of.

Long story short I'm tired of buying DKB that only lasts a couple of days before molding. This is the Twin Falls Idaho store

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Costco Cons: Daves killer bread.

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Dave's Killer Bread is delicious, but it is made to be eaten QUICKLY because it is made without preservatives. Try storing a loaf in the freezer and just taking two pieces out at a time and putting them in the toaster or thaw them out in a Ziploc baggy to eat later.

☺ Hope that helps? I know it's frustrating to spend money on food and it goes bad in a couple of days, but it's because it's FRESH/WITHOUT PRESERVATIVES.

Dave's Killer Bread costs over $7 a loaf, here in San Diego, CA. ☺

@Sabrina Biscardi

***don't put bread in the refrigerator because it will go stale; put it in the freezer, instead.


Bread without preservatives only has a 5 day shelf life, which is why it has to go in the fridge if it takes you awhile to eat a loaf. THAT SAID, YES, THEY SHOULD KEEP BETTER TRACK OF THEIR DATES.


i have had three loaves of daves killer bread, the powerseed, in the past two weeks, that is molded and smells like fermented fruit with a tag on the end that gives it at least a couple of days of "best by". when i get it home, there is condensation in the plastic bag, it smells like rotted peaches or apples, and the next day powderey white mold forms in the crevices of the nuts.

this is my fave bread in the world, i have written to daves about it, and i hope they can correct it.

in the meantime, open the bag and sniff it before will definitely know the minute you smell rotted fruit if it is still good, dont just count on the best y date. this is in tucson, az.