Paradise Valley, Arizona
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Yesterday, I went to COSTCO at Paradise Valley, AZ. My boyfriend (COSTCO member) already knew I was going to COSTCO.

I did my shopping. It took me time to look for the things I needed and put them in my cart. I had cash money to pay for them. At the casher, I handed my boyfriend's COSTCO membership card to the lady cashier.

She told me that my boyfriend had to be physically present with me to use his card. Before making any final decisions, she asked assistance from another cashier, David Hana. David Hana told me about COSTCO's rules and regulations about the membership card. I understand the rules and regulations.

I asked David Hana to hand the membership card back to me. David Hana tore my boyfriend's COSTCO membership card apart while he talked to me about the rules and regulations over and over again. David Hana tore my boyfriend's card without even calling my boyfriend about the card. His behavior made me feel angry and upset.

David Hana also wasted my time. My boyfriend valued and entrusted his COSTCO membership card to me. After the bad customer service experience with the COSTCO cashier, David Hana, I called my boyfriend right away. I told my boyfriend I did not have his COSTCO membership card anymore because David Hana tore it apart.

What would you feel if David Hana or any COSTCO employee would tear the COSTCO membership card apart of your loved one, who values and entrusts it to you? What would you feel if David Hana or any COSTCO employee would tear your COSTCO membership card apart that you value and entrust it to your loved one, who goes to COSTCO with your knowledge to get the things you both need? I hope no COSTCO customer will go through the bad experience with David Hana or any COSTCO employee.

David Hana's behavior was unprofessional and disrespectful. I also hope David Hana will undergo a professional customer service training so he will know how to treat COSTCO customers with respect, integrity and professionalism.

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Cashier.

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And believe it or not he's a manager now !!!!


Calling B.S. On that story.

The cashier asked if your boyfriend was here and instead of saying no, you told the cashier who the card belonged too. They can see who's card it is, they asked if he was there. Only then did you say no and when they asked if you had a membership card you said no. They then informed you the cards were non-transferable.

He is the only one to use that card.

Hard plastic cards can not be "tore up". Since 2 cards are issued with every membership, why don't you ask your boyfriend for the other card?


He tore a card in half?


If you had said cut it, that would be believable.

When is the last time you were able to tear up a credit card?

You violated the terms of his membership.

Because of that, Costco can terminate his membership.

Your boyfriend should have read the *** rules before he signed it.


You say you understand the rules, but that is not true or you would not have been there alone. The membership card belongs to Costco and they can make another one for your boyfriend or give back the money he paid for his membership.

How confrontational did you get while in the warehouse? I would bet that you got what you deserved.


"Pulltits"Your doing a lot of assuming.I have seen a lot of manager with the Napolian complex.