Miami, Florida

I ordered and paid for a tire & complete installation package at Costco for premium tires. This package included mounting balancing and Nitrogen fill.

The problem began when I went to Costco for the installation. I knew from a previous experience that Costco insists on charging extra for some kind of service to the tire pressure sensor and personnel become upset if the customer objects. This time I told the Costco Rep that I flatly rejected the sensor add on charge. The rep called over a manager who was vehement about the need for this charge. I informed the Manager I considered that like extortion and he backed down and said I did not need to let Costco perform work on the tire pressure sensors. The reason I stated that it seemed like extortion was because Costco was so angry about my refusal I feared for what they might do to the car if I did not accept.

This is what happened. When I returned for the car, the keys were missing and it took about 5 minutes for them to find the keys. After the Costco rep backed the car out he said he had to do more work on the car by using a device to adjust the sensors. He left the engine running. I had to wait for him to get the device. While waiting for the sensor device learning device, I noticed that there was a white colored gooey substance all around the bead of the tire where the tire connected to the rim, on one of the tires Costco had mounted. I asked the Costco rep what the white gooey substance was. He said it was a product Costco used to protect the tire during mounting. I asked him why Costco did not clean the white gooey substance off my rim. The Costco rep stated that Costco does not clean the white gooey substance it places on customers rims when it mounts their tires. After the Costco rep finally used the learning machine on my tire sensors. I was ready to drive away. Fortunately, I noticed a display on my cart which has a key less ignition telling me there was no key in the car. Upon asking the Costco rep for my Key he fished around his pockets for a while and returned my key. I advise customers who propose to buy tires from Costco to let Costco rip you off for the extra add on tire charges, so you will not take a chance on something happening. Hopefully no other problems will arise with my car in the aftermath of this incident with Costco.

This is not an anonymous review. I want Costco to know who they screwed over on order # 52058584. i am reporting this on Pissed Off Consumer because I find Communication with Costco to be impractical and laughable.

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Manager.

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