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I bought a laptop that was missing the web cam, overheated and cracked the bezel and display. After 13 months, had to send it in to "MICROMEDICS" Who kept it 3 weeks, replaced the hard drive and charged me for the overheating damage.

THE computer is now worse than before it went to MICROMEDICS. THis is REALLY BAD because the laptop was from SANTA, who now seems like a cheap *** for bringing a worthless piece of junk. Costco TECH service as well as ACER as well as MICROMEDICS are all *** and arrogant and provided abysmal customer service. Finally , after calling the home office in WA state, I was offered a "refurbished" HP laptop.

However, this unit also has issues, such as the touchpad suddenly turning itself off. The only positive about Costco and electronics purchase is the two year "warranty", if you want to call it that, and like the abuse of being subjected to people who don't have a clue about what they are talking.

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