Santa Clarita, California
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When picking up presc I was given the wrong ointment. I did not realize until after I was home..I did get the right ointment but was refused a refund on the wrong ointment.I never took it out of the box so it was not even touched by me!!!

I love Costco. Costco is really good with all returns.. I was upset left & went shopping at Sam's spending over $200.00 which I would have at Costco..I am rethinking my membership & may switch my pharmacy.

Is it worth losing a customer over $15.00??

Will be awaiting a response... Thank You!!

Monetary Loss: $15.

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I was also given a prescription by my doctor, I picked it up and when I read possible conflicts with other medications, I noticed it conflicted with one I was currently taking, I called my doctor, she called the pharmacy, then called me and told me to return it to the pharmacy, which I did, they took the original prescription, gave me the correct one, and adjusted the money I had already spent. So yes, things can be done, but there are laws governing what they are allowed to do.


Its illegal to accept returns on prescriptions.


Its not like she picked up the wrong ointment off the shelf. She was given the wrong prescription from the pharmacist: a professional. Not only is this wrong, its dangerous.


She never says it was the pharmacists fault. Sounds to me like it was either her or her doctors fault and she expects Costco to take the hit. They obviously can't reused the returned prescription.


Does anyplace accept returns on prescriptions after they have been accepted?


You're picking up a prescription DRUG and didn't check before you left? DUH.