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RE: Denied Membership Renewal at Costco Vista California

January 15, 2014

On Monday January 13, 2014 I went to Costco Vista California to do my weekly shopping. My husband and I had been members of Costco for on or about 28-years.

My membership needed to be renewed so I asked the cashier to renew it. The cashier said that will be $ 110,00 dollars. So I said, "no I just want the regular $ 55.00 dollar membership." The cashier said, "you have the "Executive Membership" if you want to downgrade you need to go to the member service desk first." So I went to the Member Service Desk where I was subjected to a massive dose of sales pitches. I must have said I want the regular membership about TEN TIMES!!!!

The manager is then called and she comes in and says, "oh I see that your spouse is on the membership with you." So I said so? The manager says, "you cannot make that choice without your spouse."

So I said, "funny thing here is that I was pressured into the "Executive Membership" without my husband's presence. How is it that I need his presence to downgrade to a regular membership?"

The Manager said, "sorry I cannot let you downgrade without the presence of your husband now you can pay for the "Executive Membership" if you want but not the regular membership."

I was extremely shocked that this women would not let me renew my membership at the level that I wanted. I have been consistently been pressured massively by the Vista California Costco members, I was sickened and I loathe Costco!!!! I am sickened that when I had the regular membership. Every single time I shopped at Costco I would be subjected to extreme pressure to sign up for the "Executive Membership." I do not want and never wanted an "Executive Membership." I suppose this membership would be cost effective for a business but not for regular customers like me. It simply is not cost effective and to pressure regular customers like me into signing up for this high fee is unwarranted constant harassment. Its sickening, unprofessional and nothing more than a sham at the highest level.

Is Costco so hard up for cash that they need to scam members into signing up for a membership that is not in their best interest? Or is it just downright greed?

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Cashier.

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Listen to this, My 89 year old mother passed away last May and my father is in memory care. I am the POA for the estate and Costco refuses to cancel their membership.

On top of that Costco and Citi Bank charge my folks 35.00 a month in late charges. I have tried to resolve the situation numerous times with both institutions. Sure I could pay the 55.00 membership and added fees of 116.00 but I refuse.

Can Costco charge a membership fee without authorization? Sounds more like extortion to me.


A had a similar experience at the Seattle SODO Costco today. They told me I had to renew my Executive membership for $110 and the membership desk would refund the difference for the standard membership.

I told them I was only paying $55 for a standard membership and if I they charged me $110 I was walking out and leaving my $800 of items sitting there unpaid for.

They charged me $55 and said I still had to go to the membership desk. When I talked to the membership desk the clerk kept telling me what a great deal the Executive membership is and it's free so why wouldn't I want it? I said it's not free it costs $110 and all I want is the $55 membership.

Another employee came over to state his opinion. I repeatedly said I wasn't interested in their opinions. This was embarrassing in front of other customers. They continued to talk about my "poor" decision after I left the desk.

Very unprofessional.

It's none of their business! I didn't ask for their advice!


I also receive pressure to upgrade at the local Costco here in Michigan. It seems as if the cashiers are dejected/angry if I reject their offer to upgrade. It appears the local store managers or corporate managers may provide incentives for workers/stores to push these upgrades.


It's called policy.

You cannot downgrade without the consent of everyone covered by the card.

They also need both of the old cards.

The employees have to ask for upgrades (which you can take your rebate check in to costco at the end of your year and they will cover any money you didn't get back).

I suggest you read all the paperwork next time you sign up for something.


Perhaps Costco should make a policy that is consistent & keeps their customers happy. Most companies will do what they can to keep customers in.

Costco seems to have a habit of frustrating their customers & driving them away if they don't conform to Costco rules. Whatever happened to "putting the customer first"?


It is downright greed.You really do not save alot shopping there.You are better off not having a membership and shopping sales and cuponing.


If your an add on you can upgrade to the exc membership but to downgrade he needs to do the changes. He probably was the primary. You guys need to read your membership agreements when you sign up to things


Selling memberships is where Costco makes most of their money, not on the products you buy.


Most likely your husband was the primary person on the account and he needs to be present for any changes to your policy such as downgrading. A renewal is easy and isn't a chance that requires him, but a downgrade does.

You could always just start an account for yourself and add your husband. I'm sure if you would have been more open and listened then the membership reps would have helped you better and pointed out these facts


Lmfao you are crazy. Its notna scam.

And if you took the time to listen to the employees you would understand that.

Regarding feeling pressured, the cashiers have to ask. Its part of their job and if they don't they'll get in trouble.


I suggest you to file a complaint with your state attorney general to draw attention to the dishonest practice of Costco.