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I am unsatisfied with the treatment my daughter received at the Temecula warehouse.. She was running an errand for me getting gas and returning something to the warehouse and texted me if i would like the strawberries.

I told her to get the berries and she was checking out with the one item. She handed the card to the casher. The cashier asked is that you and she told her the card is my mothers and I am getting her the berries. I was busy caring for my infirm in laws.

She was given the third degree by the cashier and a supervisor was called over. My daughter is a very mature and polite 17 year old was purchasing strawberries for goodness sake not a television or a high priced item. They denied her the purchase. I believe the Costco should have a exception for children with same last name, living in the same home if their parents ore ill, just had surgery caregiving...

or unable to make the purchase for a legitimate reason. Say under $50 or even $25. This would benefit the members. I feel this company is not really interested in making the members happy.

i called the administrative office and was told I could transfer my husbands card to her but that makes no sense.

My husband needs his card. I was told they usually make an acceptation for a small purchase but my daughter was treated like a criminal trying to get away with something.

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Cashier.

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The policy is retarded. Give your card to whoever the heck you want. Costco can suck a fat chode and so can all the toady commenters here


Can you imagine how mad some might be if their daughter/son stole their card and made purchases with it? They would be all bent out of shape for Costco allowing someone to use the card who wasn't even on it.

Nope, you're dead wrong and need to figure out a more viable solution if you want your daughter to buy something for you without any money. If you give a seconds thought you would realize how allowing that could be a quagmire for the store.

It the other responder is telling the truth and works for a store who allows this, they are just setting themselves up for future misery.


Your daughter was not treated like a criminal. They have rules.

Your daughter may be mature but you certainly are not. I doubt she was given the third degree, she was probably told no and took it the wrong way, which makes her very immature indeed.

Of course she is mature to you, you are her mother and you act just as immature if not more immature than she does. Behaving like a six year old throwing a temper tantrum when things don't go your way is not the definition of mature.


Just buy your daughter a pre-paid Costco gift card. Then she can go in and pick up anything any time.

Easier than getting a new membership.

I am sure your daughter would only use your membership card and/or credit cards with your permission but there are many cases of people with the same last name making purchases without permission. Costco is also protecting you by not letting others make purchases on your behalf.


This would never have happened at my Costco in Connecticut. Their customer service is legendary, and they treat customers respectfully.

I sent my granddaughter in to make a purchase with my card. There was no problem. She explained that this is her grandfathers card, and we both share the same last name. No problems at all.

This may be the culture at your Costco.

Or, perhaps mine is unique. Either way, they all should be like my Costco.


Nope it's against the costco policy to let anyone but the member use the card for purchases. So your costco is cheating the policy which will get them in a lot of trouble someday


Yes. It’s cheating to go and buy items at a store you haven’t given $50 to.

That’s cheating.

The fact that Costco still has this archaic account subscription system is laughable.

Are they going to start asking WHO your purchases are being made for?

It’s a ludicrous system. Cancel your membership and go somewhere else.


When Costco was set up back in the 80's, the "members-only" policy was part of the business model. I do not agree that they need to make exceptions, and your daughter could have gone to numerous other stores. Sounds like you were thinking only of yourself.


The whole point is your photo was on the card, not your daughter's. She didn't pay the membership, you did. Your daughter could have stayed with your in-laws while you did the errands and if they need constant care, maybe they should be in a nursing home.


youre right, costco is a private members only warehouse. They arent to blame for enforcing their business model just because it inconveniences you.

Would people have the same attitude if the cashier denied the purchase if someone was using someone else's credit card?

or trying to use someone else's gym membership at the gym? Simple inconveniences are not legitimate complaintsand people need t get real.