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Viking12, Thank you for your remarks. To let everyone know where we are on this case... We currently have a lawsuit against DIAMOND PET FOODS. We have had 2 pre-trial discoveries & we will have our case heard in front of a jury trial before this year ends. Diamond Pet Foods just lost a HUGE Class Action Suit in a New York Court just a couple months ago where they were ordered to pay back millions of dollars in veterinarian bills and the value of the pets lost (for the pets that died). Most had just been made very sick. For everyone's information: Sadly in a case concerning a pet, we can not claim emotional losses, only what we are actually at a loss for financially. Our precious Bryna actually was a therapy dog and was being used for her talent (she was an actor dog who had been cast for a part in a stage play of "Legally Blond" at a theater in Dallas, TX! She also was getting a contract for doing movies, TV and commercials. She was worth much more than what we are asking for!

As for COSTCO, we are very upset for the lack of care or concern that COSTCO has displayed. They still carry the food and if you call and speak with the woman at COSTCO who orders the pet products (COSTCO Corporate Office 425-313-8100 Theresa Newman at extension #8480), you will be told that the Kirkland Brand Dog Food (made by Diamond) is excellent quality. They still 100% back this *** that is making our pets sick & killing them so in my opinion, COSTCO does not care about our pets. COSTCO is about the almighty $$$PROFIT$$$!!! I believe that COSTCO also deserves to be sued & we are undecided about whether or not we will pursue a case against them when we are finished with Diamond or not. It has been 2 years now since we lost our girl and I want her to rest in peace! With that said, the facts remain, whether the toxicity of the dog food is from salmonella or another toxin, I am not the pro on diagnosing but I do know that Diamond reported to the FDA that the toxin is salmonella that has caused severe reactions in dogs from diarrhea, vomiting, lethargy, renal failure and in some instances, death. and〈=eng.

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I m sorry for your loss and several others due to this *** dog food. But the way u have worded this complaint it sounds more like u want to make money of this than mourn your dog.