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I SENT A COMPLAINT TO Costco because I was assaulted by their employee at the door checking people as they leave. William the manager told me they had problems with this employee being the word he used was “overzealous towards members” .

I told William I could have called police but instead believed Costco would take care of this employee. I told William the manage who called me, I am disabled. I also had major surgery on a torn rotator cuff and this man grabbed my cart and used his arm and shoulder to body block me into my surgically repaired shoulder knocking my hand off the cat and me a step away. I informed the manager I would not return to this Costco unless this person was let go.

The manager said right out I will not fire him. I told him you even admit to me this employee has a problem treating customers with disrespect and being "overzealous towards members" over the years and you will still do nothing to him, what is he your brother. He told me he would talk to him and then said he hoped I would return again since I have been a 10 year member of Costco. I told him since you wont fire him and he has done this before you at the least, need to make sure he works in back and never has intersection with members.

He said he couldn’t do this. I told him I will never return as long as you employ people like this that you know act this way towards customers. There are to many other stores offering better customer service with prices the same. Wal-mart just opened a few blocks away to mention just one competitor.

I did tell him I do plan on returning, writing letters explaining this to the local AARP, local chapter of the disabled and a few others.

I also plan to picket this store saying you allow employees to assault & disrespect the disabled & elderly and you don’t care.. my sign saying, "Costco assaults & disrespects handicap & elderly".

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Oh please don't use this elderly disabled card. There are legit good people in the world and the manager shouldn't have to fire an employee for someone using their disabled card.


If you were truly assaulted you should have filed a complaint with the police. That being said nothing that happened gives you the right to demand the person be fired.

You do have the option of not going to that particular store.


So...the manager admits the guy has a problem.....Call the police and file a report....what is it going to cost you but your time....unless this really did not happen as you allege? I seriously doubt a letter writting campaign will result in squat.....