Naples, Florida
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The Kirkland Signature car battery was Consumer Report's "best Buy" rating in its recent Nov, 2012 issue.

As a result, I made a long trip to Costco, in Naples FL, to purchase this battery only to be told that it is discontinued. This is one of the many reasons I do 95% of my business with Sam's and only 5% if I'm forced to go to Costco.

The other problem with Costco is its 10AM opening VS 7AM for their business owners at Sam's.

Finally, Sam's membership is cheaper with better selection. I do not particularly care for Wal Mart but Sam's is superior to Costco.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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You sounded like a "Walmart Wonder" ...... I think I saw you on some Walmart pics


Call first next time genius.


Dont buy a Duracell Ca battery @ Sams Club; just took 1 back that only lasted 45 days. THen I go ONLINE and find out that the batteries are NOT made by Duracell they are made by East Penn Manufacturing company which makes DEKA batteries..

They pay a licensing fee to Proctor and Gamble since 2013 to use the name duracell on their batteries.. What a crock..

of .. sheet August 11,2014


Mistake nr 1 was to believe what Consumers Rag printed. Though not using thier writeups as gospel, I've owned products they say were NR 1 or best buy only to find how wrong they are. Without details, here's a list of what I've owned that as failed, brokedown, or outlasted the *** they spew.

CR Top rated (these were far from it)

Samsung Dishwasher, LG Washer, Sony TV, Honda Accord, Apple iPod touch, Apple iPhone

CR NOT RECOMMENDED (but I owned/purchased)

HP Laptop, Plymouth Voyager Minivan, GE Washer, Hotpoint duel Oven, Sprint service, Gateway tower PC, Proscan 42inc LCD TV.

Funny thing, all the not recommended products except he minivan (donated it after it had over 200k miles and was 16 years old) are still in service. So, don't believe everything you read. Just saying.

@Informed ***sumer

One other thing, I have one of those Kirtland batteries. Had it in my jeep for 3 years.

The 1 year old DieHard heavy duty battery lasted just that, 1 year from all the banging and rough treatment of offroading. I've had good luck, just like people with Hondays and Toyotas have had good luck when I've had nothing but bad luck with those brands (for the record, I had 2 toyo's. 77 and 81. The 77 was a better car while the 81 was returned under a lemon law).


No one on this planet can make me say anything other then they are a POS expensive car to own and fix. Nuff said.


you do not make any sense....