Eugene, Oregon
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Update by user Jan 26, 2014

I guess I should of proof read it before posting. The cashier/bagger tried to hit my son in the face with something.

No matter how you look at it, no one should be treated like that.


And to be called "WHITE TRASH".

And to make it worse..We are not even WHITE!!LOL

Update by user Jan 25, 2014

This was in Medford OR, not Eugene

Original review posted by user Jan 25, 2014

I was getting ready to check out after doing my shopping. I looked over to the next cashier, because I was looking for a little box to put my rotisserie chicken in.

The baggers that was there at that register yelled at me and told me to go to another register to get my box. I told her(Carry) not to disrespect me that way. I was trying to look at her name badge to see her name she stated it wouldnt do any good to complain about her. She stared yelling across the registers to just swipe my EBT card.

So I called a manager over while I was talking to this manager she begins to call my son WHITE TRASH and treated to hit him in the face so she could get fired and get on Oregon trail too. I was so upset. Manager took my complaint, this happened on Jan.

7, 2014 and to this day never have got a call to so they were sorry for what had happened to me and my family. Truly am very disappointed in Costco.

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Cashier.

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They have baggers at your Costco?


Let me guess, you also have the executive membership. So you also get a check back from costco for all your shopping that the state paid for.

Making a profit off EBT.


First of all what I get Back or how I pay shouldn't matter. Respect is what I demand from everyone.


You want respect earn it by getting a job and paying for your own membership with your own money. These people have every right to disrespect you.

They have jobs and part of their taxes go to feed you and your child. Keep your legs crossed if you cannot afford to feed the child.

There is no way your son was threatened, had he really been threatened a normal parental reaction would be to kick the guy's *** Why do you have internet access if you are on EBT. I get it you lied and told them that you need internet access to help you find a job.


You can't DEMAND respect, you have to earn it.


I love the fundamentaly transformed america! The non- workers get to tell the workers how to do their job!


First of all A. HOLE. I do freakin work!!!


Whether you work or not, these people are paying to feed you and your child through tax money so you have no right to disrespect them.


I can't wait til you losers with ebt cards have to start showing an id!


You know nothing about me to keep your f@$ked up comments to yourself B!!!


Jee, you sure are a charmer aren't you? Sound pretty much like "white trash" to me, right now.


Whine, whine, whine. Couldn't you wait until you got to the cahsier where you were to find a little box for your chicken?

Wasn't it in some kind of container to begin with. Some people just don't seem to know enough to keep their mouths shut. You aggravated the situation by talking back to the employee.

Have you heard the expression "zip your lips?" The last part of your complaint doesn't make any sense at all. Maybe you should work a little harder at improving your grammar.


Your an *** , this family was discriminated against and you to *** to realize it .


you make as little sense as the original poster. big deal someone asks you not to reach under the register for your 5.00 chicken box, you treat employees ***.

look what happens. use your ebt card elsewhere.


*** you don't know ***!!!