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Costco located : 450 10 the st. San Francisco California 94103...Real quick...after accepting my payment by check...a worker approaches me and tells me I can't leave the store because my check didn't

Go threw?I was given a receipt..!!

She also told me that certegy told her to hold my checks, ..she also asked my partner if she was with me , of course..and took my partners already paid items and receipt and asked for another form of payment after it was already paid me not understanding guidelines for my rights as a consumer.

I left due to an humiliating partner first time writting a check at Costco my checks haven't bounced at Costco so why did she do that. When I came home to recollect my experiences I found out I was violated by Costco!!!!

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When you give a check to a cashier, they get it clear with a supervisor if it's over 300. The recipe will print still because its slip printed on the back of it. You must have had some notes on your account


The cashier has to pass the check, then hand it over to a Supervisor if over $300 (or to a manager if over $1,000).

They hold the receipt, and the card, and only give those back to the member once the proper checks are done.

The cashier accepting the check doesn't mean that Costco accepts it.

Reasons for refusal:

Probable scammer

Bounced checks before New member Amount too high for the account profile Deal with it.


If they were given a receipt then the payment went though. The receipt is proof of payment. If something went wrong with the transaction later at the bank then they would have been informed way after the incident, not as they were leaving the store.Don't know if it was discoimitation exactly but it was definitely wrong and fishy.

First Born Triplet

Where is the discrimination.


When should you write a check at Costco or any other store? NEVER.

VERY risky.

If the crooks on the street get your checks, they will clean out your bank account so fast your head will be spinning.


I lost my wallet at the club the weekend prior i had to order new ones so,i used my ersonal checks as a form of payment while waiting for my new card 7-10 business days..thats why i wrote a check,,,,


How did Costco violate you and how did think you figured it out? It isn't Costco's fault that your check didn't go through, it is the fault of Certegy.

Apparently there is something in your record, that made you suspect to the check verification company. The fact that your checks haven't bounced at Costco doesn't mean anything to the Certegy. Would it have been less humiliating if the cashier had refused your check at the register, where customers in back of you would see it, than for an employee to handle it the way they did. Exactly what are your rights as a consumer?

Do you expect them to let you have the merchandise, in spite of the fact that your check didn't go through. Instead of worrying so much about your feelings being hurt over a minor incident, I would worry more about improving your spelling, grammar, and punctuation.


First of all, it wouldnt have been less humiliating if i was rejected at the register..if your gonna comment on my post then you should read it more check was processed and accepted for payment,,my purchase was then completed and i received my receipt as proof of purchase. If im correct once you buy something from a person, business and or, corporation you are the new owner..correct?...IT WAS MY PROPERTY..SHE CAME DOWN WITH HER CAPE AFTER THE FACT..NOW,SCENCE YOU HAVE SO MUCH TO SAY ABOUT MY POST...AND ABOUT MY SPELLING, GRAMMER AND SUCH ... OH,LETS NOT FORGET ABOUT MY WHINING :) AND IM BASICLY MAKING SOMETHING OUT OF NOTHING,,,FROM YOUR POINT OF VEIW WHICH,REALLY DOESNT MATTER,,,,BUT, IT DOES SOUND AS IF YOU MIGHT ALREADY BE FAMILIAR WITH THE SITUATION...HM, ODD....BUT, NO WORRIES IM NEVER THAT BITTER ***..NOT I,...I ALWAYS STAND AT MY BEST....THANK YOU FOR YOUR 2 CENTS..


I think you have a valid complaint. Just ignore the dumbucks that live to comment here. They will say on here what they would never have the cajones to say to anyone's face.