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today 01/18/2016 on 11:20 I was waiting for a new cashier open up her counter. she was setting up her counter. and she knows that I am waiting for her. after few minutes later, she was not minding me or without telling me excuse me or the reason why she taking the next person on the next line. she totally ignored me which I was waiting in front of her. I felt very rude and disrespectful. I am a paid Costco member.

I saw her supervisor and manager(donna) Yonkers 20 stew leonard dr yonkers, ny 10710. and she even told me without any sorry or explanation and without professional way. She said that "oh that's the rule"... I feel very bad...

These employees are very unprofessional. very rude and they dont' know how to handle customers...

cashier name is Rose op#35 time 11:24 am

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Cashier.

Reason of review: disrespectful cashier.

Costco Cons: Treating customer disrespectful way.

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Yes wait in a line like a respectful member and be treated like one. Rosa did a fine job in following the process of asking the next member in line to help them.

It is the rule! The manager Donna also did a fine job .


I'm glad you felt rude and disrespectful, because you are. I'm sure the other customers thought you were rude and felt disrespected by your actions.


If I'm reading this correct, you're upset because a cashier that was opening took the next person waiting in line rather than let you cut everyone. Why should you get to go before others that have been waiting longer?


This is exactly what I read. It is a shame that this "adult" mistakes her not allowing him to cut in line as "rude".

Cutting in line is what is rude. Also serving someone who was before him, why does she need to explain this concept.

An adult knows that if someone has been waiting longer they are helped first. This person may be an "adult" but he acts like he is still three years old.