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This is what you'll encounter if you buy a cell phone from Costco without

doing research: You'll be treated as a "mark"- meaning someone to get the best of in a transaction. You might be lied to, as we were, and put on a plan without sufficient information on monthly costs, nothing on "extras", and providing many more hours than we needed. You might pay less for the cell phone itself ,but it might be one that Verizon no longer sells - and its not the cost of the phone that counts most - its the cost of your plan!

Monetary Loss: $60.

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Whether an individual is a woman or man they are posting here for help. Bahahah your attitude stinks.

You sound ignorent, oh wait you must be a man, my apologies.

Didn't your mother ever teach you if you don't have anything nice to say "shut the _____ up". Have a nice day :)


your the dumb *** that bought the phone without asking questions or doing research first. dont be an impulse buyer.

oh wait you a woman. god do us men have to handle EVERYTHING :upset


lol. Deliah, I am glad you bought your phone form Costco because from the sounds of your complaint, you would have gotten duped alot else at any other phone company. You need to inform yourself by asking questions before signing a phone contract it is not their job to educate you.


I am having this same bad experience!!! Bought the entire Verizon package - cell phone, wi-fi and house phone.

I got the wi-fi piece and they shipped the house phone box. I was told NOT to hook anything up until my current phone company turned off the phone. 13 days later, I hooked everything up. The house phones wouldn't ring.

Two days later, Century Link turned off their internet service and the new wi-fi wouldn't work. I have tried to get Verizon tech support to help. I have been on the phone 5 hours over several days with Verizon. Finally I was told that my contract with the vendor had a 14 day cancellation period.

My period ended the day after Century Link turned off my phone service.

Verizon also cautioned me that returning the entire system to Costco could be a mistake, as they often get complaints that Costco will take the system back WITHOUT canceling the contract. Any ideas out there?


The cell phone kiosk @ Costco is run by a company called "Wireless Advocates" & they go out of their way to make sure that the costco members are completely happy in every way so that they can keep their contract with Costco... Sounds more like you didn't know what you were doing... They even have a 30 day return & 90 exchange policy that is amazing compared to anywhere else you could buy a cell phone...


You know that you are allowed to ask questions about the plan before the transaction is completed, don't you?