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I bought my wedding band from Costco. A beautiful $800.00 ring with Canadian diamonds, came with certificate of authenticity - sure seemed like they stood by what they sell.

Two weeks after my wedding a diamond fell out of it. They would not pay to fix it, nor could they order in another one. It was DEVSTATING to remove the ring from my hand and hand it over to them for the refund. I left the store in tears.

HEAR THIS COSTCO: If you are going to sell high-end jewelery you damned well better be prepared to back up your product better than this!

This piece of jewelry was very sentimental and returning it for a full refund is absolute BS. Thank you for permanently tainting my wedding.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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Why would you NOT have your jewelry insured? Secondly, yearly, jewelry worn daily should be taken to a Jeweler for cleaning and maintenance!


I bought a beautiful ring at Costco in the US. I had a diamond fall out and they fixed it and replaced the diamond with no questions asked took 6 weeks but it was fixed.

Louisville, Kentucky, United States #1292797

holy *** this happened to me as well only my loss was a 1.25 carat cushion cut diamond 6000.00 cost!!! im soory this happened to us both. they did nothing for me!!


at least you got your money back, next time get a bigger one


Just be happy they gave you full refund, If you had that much sentiments then you should've kept the broken ring, and have your husband buy you another one to keep on your finger.

Gosh.....People are so hard to please these days


We have same problem 1,1 carat diamont get off my ring They never help me and they never offer me credit

I never buy jewelery from COSTCO

Aydin Adak


Why write monetary loss-$800 when you clearly stated you got 100% refund. You got all these negative comments because you are being dishonest


At least they gave full refund .No other

Retailer would to my knowledge. That should be a small measure of comfort.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #920234



You got a refund at least. Most other places you would be s**t out of luck and having to keep your broken ring.

to Jp Hockessin, Delaware, United States #966239

Let me say this..... Other places you wouldn't be out of luck because they have Care Plans that u purchase that covers EVERYTHING for the life of your ring.

So you are not out of luck purchasing from other places. It's silly they sell high end jewelry and don't offer such plans


I am so sorry for your sentimental loss but if you think that $800. Is high end maybe you are shopping in the wrong place.

Try Zane's

Costco backs all their rings with a great warranty. Again , sorry!

Fontana, California, United States #866315

High end jewerly with $800?sorry for your lost but did u hear about $15000 and up jewerly? You will not loose any diamonds on those rings. High end jewerly don't start at $800, and loosing stones its expected


If it was that sentimental to you why didn't you pay to fix it yourself.?


Over reacting. How do you explain men buying bigger rings once they earn more?

Where is the sentiment then?

You have over reacted for a ring. Replace it!!! They have not tainted your wedding. It's all in your mind!!!

If you still going to rebuttal.

Explain the sentiment of your first car and house. Why do you buy new cars? Why do couples move into new homes?

You made the home together!!!

Care more about the person than the object! In our society It's okay for people to get divored but not okay to replace a ring?

Grass Valley, California, United States #822405

Bought my husband a Seiko watch for $250 at costco and 3 days later found it for $130.00 on amazon. Overpriced!!!

to Tacrispin Blackhawk, California, United States #894160

Pretty *** to shop in that order. Next time check the online deals BEFORE going to a brick and mortar store. Yikes...sometimes I worry about the lack of commom sense.

to Tacrispin Colleyville, Texas, United States #954196

It was a over seas watch that's why it was cheaper.

to Samantha #1049947

Or it was used and being sold by owner.


THAT is horse ***! I bought a REAL engagement ring set in solid platinum....paid $3000 for it and it appraised for $4000+ and after an independent jeweler re-sized it, it changed the tension set diamonds on the sides and one fell out.

Costco DID pay to have it sent away and repaired and sent back in the six weeks they promised. I don't know what kind of *** you think you're pushing here but I'm not buying it! I have had the ring on my hand for the last 3 years now with no other issues but I know that if an issue does arise, Costco will HAPPILY fix it, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!!! Costco has a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

PERIOD! Sorry that wasn't good enough for you and shame on you for lying about their unwillingness to have your ring repaired at no charge to you!

Perhaps your membership expired!!!? You see, that's just one of the many perks of being a Costco Member....they take care of their members!

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