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I bought my wedding band from Costco. A beautiful $800.00 ring with Canadian diamonds, came with certificate of authenticity - sure seemed like they stood by what they sell.

Two weeks after my wedding a diamond fell out of it. They would not pay to fix it, nor could they order in another one. It was DEVSTATING to remove the ring from my hand and hand it over to them for the refund. I left the store in tears.

HEAR THIS COSTCO: If you are going to sell high-end jewelery you damned well better be prepared to back up your product better than this!

This piece of jewelry was very sentimental and returning it for a full refund is absolute BS. Thank you for permanently tainting my wedding.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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Pretty *** to shop in that order. Next time check the online deals BEFORE going to a brick and mortar store. Yikes...sometimes I worry about the lack of commom sense.


It was a over seas watch that's why it was cheaper.


Or it was used and being sold by owner.


THAT is horse ***! I bought a REAL engagement ring set in solid platinum....paid $3000 for it and it appraised for $4000+ and after an independent jeweler re-sized it, it changed the tension set diamonds on the sides and one fell out.

Costco DID pay to have it sent away and repaired and sent back in the six weeks they promised. I don't know what kind of *** you think you're pushing here but I'm not buying it! I have had the ring on my hand for the last 3 years now with no other issues but I know that if an issue does arise, Costco will HAPPILY fix it, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!!! Costco has a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

PERIOD! Sorry that wasn't good enough for you and shame on you for lying about their unwillingness to have your ring repaired at no charge to you!

Perhaps your membership expired!!!? You see, that's just one of the many perks of being a Costco Member....they take care of their members!


I just got an engagment ring from Costco and a little diamond Fell out after a couple months. They r sending it out to get repaired because I resized it and I couldn't exchange it.

Your right she is lying. They didn't even hesitate to take care of it.


I think the jewelry at Costco has been reduced to normal Zales stuff . They have dumbed down .

Sad to see, and the prices seem like normal Mall prices. No longer a true " deal" .


I have dealt with a very rude manager at the Regina location. Name was Kara and it showed that she had no customer service skills whatsoever.

Tried to do a return without a receipt and was told no you need to go home and get your receipt. Well I said I live in Moosejaw which is 45 mins away can you look it up. All I got was a smirk and a "nope". It's time for some re training for this so called manager as I don't think she gets customer service or a very simple return policy.

I have heard from other customers that she is not friendly to deal with and walks around like she owns the warehouse.

It's sad that one bad attitude in that store can leave a sour taste with some customers. I've noticed lately that there has been a large turnover in staff and it seems that some good managers that I have seen there for a long time are no longer at this store.


I work at this Regina, Sk

location and yes Kara should be fired! Biggest *** kisser since the store opened back in 1994.

Worst people skills ever! Costco Executives should look into her as a manager. So many good people have left this location and company cause of her attitude towards staff. She throws people under the bus per say to make herself look good...

When in actuality she is blocking other more talented staff from reaching there potential to get promoted ahead of her! She just got promoted to merch mgr and just drives around in a forklift all day like a giant bowling ball pretending she knows everything...

When really she knows nothing. So sad as this place would be do much better if costco executives walked her right out the front door .....}


They should be able to re print it. And also u should take it up with higher ups instead of complain ing


Hi Gilbey, so in the end Costco delivered for you. Great to hear for both you and Costco.

I think

Hi Bill in Houston, I lived in Toronto for 1.5 years, just got back.

In Canada they use the British spelling for "jewelery." You think maybe the English invented English? hahaha :)

@Marty ExBronx

Both spellings are correct... The U.S.

Version is how we usually pronounce it.

Although I tend to use both versions in both speech and spelling... Canadian Grandpa had more influence than we thought.


My wife and I bought our wedding bands at Costco. We love them.

Um, sweetheart, $800 is hardly high end. By they way, the word is "jewelry."

@Bill in Houston

Actually the English Language recognizes both spellings as correct. "The most commonly used variations of this noun, meaning precious items of personal decoration, are jewellery and jewelry.

The correct spelling in both Australian and British English is jewellery. In American English, the correct spelling is jewelry.

Canadian English, on the other hand, uses both variations, with the most popular being jewellery. :)


Hysterical! Love the information! Cheers!


Why didin't you have insurance? I understand why you are upset, but my wedding rings came from People's and I bought insurance right away for loss or damage! :?


I recommend Costco jewelry anyday. Jewelry stores are a rip off because they mark up their prices for a lesser quality product.I have jewelry that I purchased at Costco 20 years ago and it's still in perfect shape.

I have never had a problem and furthermore they appraised for more than what I paid. I agree that once there is an alteration it compromises the integrity of the design. Amazing that Costco gets bashed and negative comments get posted and in the end it gets resolved and after all the trash talk now we have a happy member.

Costco goes above and beyond and they always have, I have been a member since 1988 but there is one in every bunch.


My wife's wedding set is from Costco and we could not be happier with their service and product. Like others have said to you, it is %100 your responsibility after you leave the store.

You are lucky to have gotten a refund at all! Try asking for that at any jeweler out there and they will laugh in your face. What you should have done as soon as you walked out of the store with it is GOTTEN IT INSURED! It protects the owner incase of loss or damage (I.e.

stones falling out). You've got a lot to learn about jewelry and your first lesson was a hard learned one. There is nothing wrong with Costco jewelry and it is some of the best you can find out there for the cost.

Don't let this woman's story deter you from buying a Costco ring for your significant other or yourself. A stone falling out can happen to anyone and that's why we insure our valuables, people!


Costco carries the highest quality diamonds in their rings just being beaten out by Tiffanys.

There customer service is of the highest standard in the industry period the end.

The damage could have been done by you (by accident)or by the Jeweler who sized the ring.

If it were meand the ring fostered so much sentiment in me, I would have chosen to pay to get the stone put back in rather than getting a full refund, but that is just me.


I had the same experience. I took the ring back and it was replaced with the purchase price.

Just try getting that kind of service from anybody but Costco. Just try...


If you had the ring sized, blame it on the jeweler who completed the work. The integrity of the band has been compromised once its sized.

Also, if a diamond fell out, it could possibly be your fault for catching a prong or hitting your ring on something. I'm glad to hear Costco took care of your issue, but it's also your responsibility once you buy it to take care if it.

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