Regina, Saskatchewan
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I bought my wedding band from Costco. A beautiful $800.00 ring with Canadian diamonds, came with certificate of authenticity - sure seemed like they stood by what they sell.

Two weeks after my wedding a diamond fell out of it. They would not pay to fix it, nor could they order in another one. It was DEVSTATING to remove the ring from my hand and hand it over to them for the refund. I left the store in tears.

HEAR THIS COSTCO: If you are going to sell high-end jewelery you damned well better be prepared to back up your product better than this!

This piece of jewelry was very sentimental and returning it for a full refund is absolute BS. Thank you for permanently tainting my wedding.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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$800 is NOT high end jewelry. They sold you a cheap ring, you got what you paid for.

You could have taken the ring that you broke to real jeweler and paid for the repair. But you are too cheap and would rather cry and complain than actually solve the problem.


Since when is an $800 ring "top end?"


You should blame your husband for buying something cheap. Most likely he claimed it was $800 but he bought something that was cheap and an imitadation


The assistant manager of the store just called me and they are going to replace the ring, and at a discount. THANK YOU COSTCO.



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