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This is the email I sent to Costco explaining my dissatisfaction with my laptop purchase. Don't make a mistake by purchasing electronics from Costco. Return policy is not what you think.

This is my official complaint to Costco. I have been an Executive member for many years now and have enjoyed all of my experiences with the purchases I have made at Costco. I was very pleased with your return services until recently. I have always bragged about the return service and great customer service I usually receive until this purchase. I will recommend most of your products and purchasing confidence to my family and friends but I will MOST DEFINITELY steer all I know away from purchasing electronics at any Costco.

I purchased a nice laptop at around 900.00 and thought I had purchased what I was looking for. According to the salesperson that serviced me, the HP laptop had all the features I was specifically requesting. In fact he guaranteed me that it contained the one special feature I was seeking. That feature was a wireless connection to my new TV. He said that it was built in to this HP model and I would not have any problems with that feature as long as my TV was wi-fi capable. I had a new TV on order from an Electronic store and had not received it so I had no way of checking the feature out when I got the laptop back home. Unfortunately, the TV was back-ordered for almost 4 months. When I finally received my new TV I was very surprised to find out that my new laptop DID NOT contain the feature I had especially requested and was told that it did. And I was very upset when I called customer service and they informed me that the sales person had told me wrong AND I was NOT able to bring the computer back for even an exchange or refund because you only had a 90 day return policy on computers. AND then they had the nerve to try and sell me a device that connected to my computer that would give me the wi-fi connection to my TV. Well, I might understand the 90 day policy except YOUR sales person led me astray and just wanted to make the laptop sale and it appeared to me they wanted to dupe me into another sale by trying to sell me the additional device that originally was suppose to be built into the computer already. I have not made this complaint for months now but I really feel that you should be aware of it and know why sometimes people feel cheated and just have to pass the word around so their friends and family don't make the same mistake when they go to make electronic purchases. And I recommend that they don't make those purchases at Costco.

Monetary Loss: $900.

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The problem was you. Maybe you should complaint about the tv backorder instead.


Dude they gave you 3 months to try it out and if for ANY reason, the computer doesn't do what you want like, they will take it back. Employees are people who do make mistakes and if they were computer experts, they can still make mistakes.

It happens everywhere including Best Buy. Any other store, Walmart, Best Buy, Fry's could have told you that too but only given you 14 days to figure out all the features. After that, they don't care. Costco gave you a quarter of a year.



Boooo! Do your homework.

Costco clearly states their 90 day policy.

How can you hold them responsible when you were waiting for 4 months on delivery from another vendor. Shame on you for trying to make it their problem regardless of what some associate told you.


You're an *** for keeping it for 4 months, even with knowing the policy. You could have taken the laptop to where you bought the to and asked they're sales rep!!


You knew the policy when you bought it, and now you want special treatment because you think you're entitled and your case is special. 90 days is 90 days; it's your own fault. No sympathy to you and your sense of entitlement.


"AND then they had the nerve to try and sell me a device that connected to my computer that would give me the wi-fi connection to my TV." Ooh, what nerve, trying to help you with a reasonable workaround. You sound ridiculous.

Why would ANYONE buy a laptop with a primary concern about wifi without, um, checking online to see if it had that? Why would you WAIT over 90 days to determine that it did not? Oh, right, because your TV purchase was "on order" from an electronics store and backordered for 4 months. lol.

If that was the case, you should and could have immediately returned the laptop and repurchased in 4 months time, or better yet, tested the wifi feature with a TV from Costco. Costco wasn't to blame here, YOU were.


I too have a problem with Costco laptops. I bought one with Windows 8 which was worthless and i never able to use till i got the free Windows 10.

That was better but on udating it failed to reboot.I talked to Costo and HP twice and still have a dead laptop. Called Costco about a replacement and waiting to hear from them, hoping i dont get any run around.


If a stranger's word is good enough for the OP to spend $500, well OK then, but not for me and not for my money.

Nothing wrong with Costco or its superior return policies.


Same issue here, Costco electronics suck and so does their return policy on electronics. Over the years i have had about a 90% failure rate on Costco electronics.

TV lasted 1 year

VCR lasted 1year

Fuji camera 6 months

Canon camera just under 1 year

Kitchen stove 2 years and all digital displays died Galaxy Tab3 just over a year Two telephone answering machines less than a year each There more but this list is starting to get my blood pressure up. No more Costco electronics for me, they were all name brands and all garbage.


We've been Costco customers for ages....not just me, but my entire family and nearly everyone in our social circle.

There is no such thing as "Costco electronics". The electronic devices for sale at Costco aren't least none that we've encountered.

If you've experienced a 90% failure rate across your electronics then you are one very unlucky individual. I know of no one who has ever experienced failures with 9 out of 10 of their electronic devices. Certainly nothing attributable to the RETAILER.

We know nothing about you. Perhaps you abuse your electronics and expect these devices to put up with it.

Perhaps you work for one of their competitors.

Or perhaps you're simply extremely unlucky and unfortunate.

Don't blame a RETAILER for a MANUFACTURER'S issue or YOUR own issues.

As for their return policy, it's overly generous. To the point where I sometimes wonder how Costco turns a profit given the entitled attitude of the average consumer....returning products for reasons (and in timeframes) that would never be allowed by most other retailers.


Did it ever occur to you that you should probably research a product prior to making a large purchase?


900 dollars is a lot of money to spend especially if the salesperson is not giving you the right information on a product.You need to take the persons name and forward it to the manager in charge. This is breach of faith in salesmanship. To bad this is standard practice of some companies that don't do the right thing.


bro, aint their fault your tv took 4 *** months to come


How long does it take to realize an item doesn't have the features you so desperately wanted?


Costco has the best return policy. So i only buy electronics at costco. Anywhere else would NEVER give you 90 days to return with no questions asked, and anywhere else would cahrge you a restocking fee and it's not cheap


dude the policy is 90 days why cry?

90 days with no restocking fee is generous, stop being an american and so entitled.

most places give you 14 days, 30 days if you lucky and slap you with 15% restocking fee. Costco is generous if you ask me.

99% of other places wouldve charged you 135 if you opened the package.


You have to do your own research. Don't ever rely on a sale person's word of mouth. This is YOUR fault and not Costco.


I wish I would have read similar comments like this before. I have also been an executive member for years.

I just tried to return my camera 13 months old that stopped working on my trip to Europe. Well Costco only warranties tv, projectors and computers for 2 years your out of luck on all other electronics.

Never buy any other electronics from them any longer and pass it on to your family and friends like I will.


I have bought several electronics from them. Only had to return one ever and it went smooth.


I think he is talking about widi not wifi. I have some info about widi that may be of interest to readers of this subject