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This is the email I sent to Costco explaining my dissatisfaction with my laptop purchase. Don't make a mistake by purchasing electronics from Costco. Return policy is not what you think.

This is my official complaint to Costco. I have been an Executive member for many years now and have enjoyed all of my experiences with the purchases I have made at Costco. I was very pleased with your return services until recently. I have always bragged about the return service and great customer service I usually receive until this purchase. I will recommend most of your products and purchasing confidence to my family and friends but I will MOST DEFINITELY steer all I know away from purchasing electronics at any Costco.

I purchased a nice laptop at around 900.00 and thought I had purchased what I was looking for. According to the salesperson that serviced me, the HP laptop had all the features I was specifically requesting. In fact he guaranteed me that it contained the one special feature I was seeking. That feature was a wireless connection to my new TV. He said that it was built in to this HP model and I would not have any problems with that feature as long as my TV was wi-fi capable. I had a new TV on order from an Electronic store and had not received it so I had no way of checking the feature out when I got the laptop back home. Unfortunately, the TV was back-ordered for almost 4 months. When I finally received my new TV I was very surprised to find out that my new laptop DID NOT contain the feature I had especially requested and was told that it did. And I was very upset when I called customer service and they informed me that the sales person had told me wrong AND I was NOT able to bring the computer back for even an exchange or refund because you only had a 90 day return policy on computers. AND then they had the nerve to try and sell me a device that connected to my computer that would give me the wi-fi connection to my TV. Well, I might understand the 90 day policy except YOUR sales person led me astray and just wanted to make the laptop sale and it appeared to me they wanted to dupe me into another sale by trying to sell me the additional device that originally was suppose to be built into the computer already. I have not made this complaint for months now but I really feel that you should be aware of it and know why sometimes people feel cheated and just have to pass the word around so their friends and family don't make the same mistake when they go to make electronic purchases. And I recommend that they don't make those purchases at Costco.

Monetary Loss: $900.

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I see that this customer blames everyone but himself because he new that electronics have 90days return it's been like that for ever get a life what a ***.


You are an ***. It's your fault for not being aware of what you are buying.

They aren't going to let you return it that late.


Sheesh, take it easy on the guy. Everyone is not as good with technology as you and me.

I get it, but I dont think the guys beef was that outrageuos. If you are shopping anywhere, dont care if its costco, you should be given accurate information. Yes we have to be responsible consumers, but if a salesperson is going to give info, they should be thourogh and ask g here.

That being said, sir, you cannot ask for a better return policy. 90 days is more than fair to find out if what you bought fits your needs.


Why are you not complaining about the electronics store that sold you a TV on back order for 4 months. Your story sounds fishy.


So let me get this right. You bought a laptop based on a hunch you got from a costco employee.

Since when did Costco become the place for IT professionals. Your lack of common sense is amusing because you complain about being mislead. Listen here old man, Next time, why dont you learn more about the technology and stop relying on a kid who probably doesnt know how to get his way out of a paperbag. Common sense should of dictated that Costco would not be a place to get an educated decision on a laptop.

So the fault is yours.

And a router does not cost $125. You can buy a quality router with all the things you want for 49.99


"Salesperson"? This is Costco - a warehouse store; they have cashiers and stockers.

So you asked a 20-something stock clerk for buying advice on a thousand-dollar item - then you sat on the item for 4 months without bothering to verify whether or not the advice was correct (even though this was a CRITICAL FEATURE!) and you're unhappy with COSTCO?!?!? So what responsibility do you take in this decision?

If you're unable to educate yourself before making a buying decision, go to a *RETAIL* store and pay retail price (and get a 30-day return period, if you're lucky).

Me? I'll do my research and keep buying at Costco.


90 days means 90 days. They should not be held liable because a salesperson gauranteed you some technical compatibility will work fine.

Regardless what anyone told you its your job to verify the item meets your needs before your 90 days is up. Your *** story about the TV being on backorder isnt coscto's *** fault


"....they had the nerve to try to sell you a device to hook up to your computer that would give you Wi FI"???? YOU MEAN A WIRELESS ROUTER???

ARE YOU AN ***!!? I bought a TV and the salesman told me it was High Def. But he didn't tell me I needed an antennae or cable TV. I bought a car that the salesman said would get 30 miles to the gallon.

But he didn't tell me I had to put the gas in the tank. I thought it would just BE THERE FOREVER. I bought a landline phone that the salesman said would sound crystal clear. But he didn't tell me I had to pay for service!

The lesson to be learned here is to have some general idea of how things work. You can't expect a salesman to think you are from another planet and just arrived on earth. Hey ***! These people don't work on commission.

They have no reason to sell you anything! You can buy a router for $40!

But you can't buy the brains to install it. That you are stuck with.


i have been a costco customer for many years. and i know many people who over the years ,brought back items for an exchange or refund, just before the year was up just so they can get a new one ..

long after they got there monies worth,,they abused the return policy...

stand on a line at a costco store and listen to some of the stories, and you will see why you got turned away,,,, dont blame costco ,, blame all of the abusers... ..


I bought tv and return in 90 days because it was small for my room.

I bought correct size tv and colors were bad worked with costco customer service and they could not fix had to return in 90 days.

Costco manger do not buy any more electronics from them otherwise he will not take it back. He told me that I would not like there electronics.


No use trying to explain to this fool. Anyone who does not take up for him is wrong.

If he would listen someone will help him do what he wants to do. Also I have bought many computers and it states on the display what the computer can and can't do and everything that is included with the computer.


Get a life DUDE! Go to another forum if you don't have anything better to do than trying to irritate good respectable citizens that use these forums for good reasons. I think you have some serious head problems and need to vent where appropriate.


Well lookie there, the pot calling the kettle black


I think most of you have missed my point. I made my purchase because a salesperson told me the scenario I explained would work with the computer I purchased and I needed no other equipment.

Well, it seems as though that WAS NOT the correct advice. The computer has the capability to connect WIDI but my new TV does not. The salesperson asked me for the brand and model of TV I was purchasing. So, he had all of the information needed to give me the answer.

And, because the TV does not have the capability, I need to purchase an adaptor to make the setup work. If the salesperson had given me the correct information, I could have purchased a less expensive laptop and the adaptor for the same price as I purchased the laptop. So, now I have the computer and still will need 125 dollars more to purchase the adaptor. When we make these types of purchases we expect that the salesperson is an expert in his department.

My salesperson clearly was not and led me to a wrong purchase.

Therefore, I think Costco should have made things right even though it was past the expiration on refund. When you make a purchase at any other store for a specialty item, you expect that you are receiving expert information so why is Costco any different?


BECAUSE ITS COSTCO HAHA. Not like your buying at a store that only sells computers. The sell fruit ffs.


This post probably isn't being read anymore but I would like to comment about the misinformation in these replies and about the confusion being caused. If the Costco sales person told you that your laptop could connect wireless to your laptop he was probably talking about "WIDI" (not to be confused with "WIFI").

WIDI is a feature found on intel l core 2nd generation and beyond processors, this feature allows you to connect your laptop to a TV wirelessly for use as a monitor. The catch is that your TV must have WIDI for your TV to work with your laptop.

As far as I know only a handful of TVs have WIDI built in, for the TVs that do not have WIDI built in you will need to buy a WIDI adapter that hooks up to your TV. This will then allow your laptop to use your TV as a wireless monitor.

I want to further appologize for the bad experience you had at Costco, I personally love my employer and I know most of us strive for 100% member satisfaction.


The sales person was correct your laptop does have what it needs to connect wirelessly but you probably also need a wireless router as a go between for the connection. Your knowledge of electronics is obviously lacking and you should have someone who know what they are doing do this for you. And are you trying to connect to the TV to load video files or are you trying to put your laptop display up on your TV.


Salomos, you need to read what mmd38 posted. There are 2 ways to connect your laptop to your TV.

1) using a HDMI cable (10 ft cable costing around $10 on eBay) or wireless through your router. Your TV has to be able to be connected through your router. We already know your notebook is going to be able to hit any router so if your TV has wireless Internet capabilities then you are good to go. I'm a geek, running a home brew desktop, using a 46" monitor connected via HDMI.

I have a $1,200 HP Quad core I7 laptop and just plug a HDMI cable into the monitor, done deal. You can also buy a BluRay player that has wireless capabilities that will accomplish what you are trying to do. What is this fantasy you have with wireless?

Run your laptop through your router and as long as your TV can get wireless access from your router it's a done deal! If you don't understand what I'm saying call the Geek Squad and they will do it!

@Nancy Botwin

I am glad you added your two cents. The other posters don't know what they are talking about -- it's not a router issue at all.

The TV has to have wifi capability (many don't). That's the real issue here.

As you, I HDMI connect my laptop to my TV. What's the big deal?


I hope to find intelligent people here who are willing to comment intelligently. Please only respond if you have the intelligence to do so. No one cares to hear the ramblings of idiots.

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