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This is the email I sent to Costco explaining my dissatisfaction with my laptop purchase. Don't make a mistake by purchasing electronics from Costco. Return policy is not what you think.

This is my official complaint to Costco. I have been an Executive member for many years now and have enjoyed all of my experiences with the purchases I have made at Costco. I was very pleased with your return services until recently. I have always bragged about the return service and great customer service I usually receive until this purchase. I will recommend most of your products and purchasing confidence to my family and friends but I will MOST DEFINITELY steer all I know away from purchasing electronics at any Costco.

I purchased a nice laptop at around 900.00 and thought I had purchased what I was looking for. According to the salesperson that serviced me, the HP laptop had all the features I was specifically requesting. In fact he guaranteed me that it contained the one special feature I was seeking. That feature was a wireless connection to my new TV. He said that it was built in to this HP model and I would not have any problems with that feature as long as my TV was wi-fi capable. I had a new TV on order from an Electronic store and had not received it so I had no way of checking the feature out when I got the laptop back home. Unfortunately, the TV was back-ordered for almost 4 months. When I finally received my new TV I was very surprised to find out that my new laptop DID NOT contain the feature I had especially requested and was told that it did. And I was very upset when I called customer service and they informed me that the sales person had told me wrong AND I was NOT able to bring the computer back for even an exchange or refund because you only had a 90 day return policy on computers. AND then they had the nerve to try and sell me a device that connected to my computer that would give me the wi-fi connection to my TV. Well, I might understand the 90 day policy except YOUR sales person led me astray and just wanted to make the laptop sale and it appeared to me they wanted to dupe me into another sale by trying to sell me the additional device that originally was suppose to be built into the computer already. I have not made this complaint for months now but I really feel that you should be aware of it and know why sometimes people feel cheated and just have to pass the word around so their friends and family don't make the same mistake when they go to make electronic purchases. And I recommend that they don't make those purchases at Costco.

Monetary Loss: $900.

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Well you assume that Pulltype had not read the full complaint so don't call the kettle black. If you want me to stop ASSuming you are a six year old stop acting like one.

My reply is intelligent, you are the one who is not.

Seriously if you behaved the same way in the store as you are to people on this site no wonder they were unwilling to help you. When you act like you are still in the first grade people will not be nice.


You assume a lot, Jedi. How do you know what happened during my conversation with Costco?

And, you know what they say about the word ASSUME? I looked for intelligent replies here and not ones like yours.


Salomo's it is obviously you who don't know how to read, because it clearly states their return policy on the receipt.

I suggest if people's replies hurt your feelings than you don't share your review. Everyone has a right to post on this site, whether they post a good reply or a bad reply.

Pulltype was very polite to you, and you were rude. I bet they would have been willing to make an exception to the 90 day rule but you were rude and they were unwilling to help, once you stop acting like you are six years old people will be more than willing to work with you.


Yes, I red your complain.

I think Costco return policy is very good, your story is nothing compared to mine and Futureshop. I work with computers.

Your laptop has wi-fi and if your tv also has wi-fi they can be connected to the same router you have in the house. This allows to share files and other features. There's no laptop specifically made to connect to a certain TV.

Might be software that comes with your TV that need to be installed on your laptop. Anyway you don't even say exactly what you want to do, I'm sure it can be done, you just need to ask the experts.


Pulltype obviously comments without reading the FULL complaint. Don't bother to comment if you don't want to make an intelligent reply. Leave it for those who have real replies.


Salomos, I feel your pain. I too have jumped the gun and started shopping without informing myself before heading to the store.

The "geeks" who have tried to explain to you what YOU were trying to do and how to do it, it more then likely what the Costco sales person was trying to do. But be real, do you really thing Costco hires people with an IT background to drive forklifts and stock shelves? No, they ping off your "knowledge" and if a customer has a question, other employees will call "John" over to help. So, to sum it up, I use a roku to stream video from usb or my home built media server (what amounts to is a program called Plex on my PC, external 1tb usb 3.0 drive, and the Plex channel on my roku.

Music, pictures and yes, video. If you want to spend a little money, by a 40.00 lifetime membership with Playon and you have tv channels now also. No need to waist your money on a "smart tv". Don't always assume that because it's WiFi, it's going to work.

And shame on you for thinking you were dealing with a qualified geek at costco. Do your homework next time before you leave the house. It will save you this kind of trouble.

Been there. :cry


The return policy for electronics is very clearly explained, and they even give you a written explanation. Costco is the best, period.

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