Sayville, New York
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I am on Long Island from San Diego helping to care for my daughter who is ill and my grand daughter and cats. I was looking for some easy meals but trying to avoid junk food.

I bought some frozen Purdue frozen bourbon chicken thinking it was a little higher quality than chicken nuggets but still easy to prepare. It was terrible. There is absolutely no chicken taste. It tastes like candied bread crumbs.

My grand daughter refused to eat it. The cats refused to eat it. This was the one time I envied my daughter for being too sick to eat. I imagine manufacturers think we're *** for buying the stuff they put on the market, but this is insulting.

I'm disappointed in Purdue, but I'm even more disappointed in Costco. Don't they have someone try this stuff even once? I have already stopped buying the turkey burgers and turkey meatballs. One made the kitchen smell like burnt feathers and the other had a rancid aftertaste.

But I thought that was the only problem with their stuff.

(OK, years ago their eggs had a fishy taste, but I forgot that till now). This lowers my opinion of Costco by an order of magnitude.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $13.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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Have been buying at Costco and enjoying for years. Only suggestion for Perdue - the extreme difference in size of pieces makes a bit difficult to cook & serve. I’ve started separating by huge pieces & all others.


We LOVE LOVE LOVE Bourbon Chicken. It's a favorite at our tailgates!


We love the Perdue Bourbon Chicken. I can’t keep enough of it in the freezer.

My kids even cook it up for snacks.

Most reasonable price is at Costco. And since they sell it in the big bags it’s very convenient.


Well I guess that's a matter of taste. My family has enjoyed them for years now


Costco has a 100% return policy. You can return food items and get your money back.