When you purchase big electronic items from Costco you might experience what I went through. They will sell you a lemon of a product and after the expiration of the 90 day limit, you will be on your own.

You have to deal with the manufacturer after their incompetent "Concierge Service" fails to help you. It's a huge hassle and risky to buy big electronic items (e.g. TV, computer, etc) from Costco. It's much better to buy from a place where you can can carry your item and take it back to the store to repair or to exchange.

Costco also lies about their concierge service, and tell the consumers that they will keep working with you on the telephone until the problem is fixed. And if it's not, they will come to your house to fix it, and if that doesn't work either, they will give you a new product as long as you are under their two-year warrantee (that's what I was told). None of that is true!

Costco like most businesses only operate to make money and shaft consumers. I never again purchase any electronics from this company.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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Pleasanton, California, United States #658931

I agree with this post. Although it appears as if you are getting a "two year warranty," what you really are getting is a 90 day warranty and then a 21 month *** shoot.

I recently purchased a Panasonic Viera Plasma TV that broke within 9 months of purchase. When I tried to return the item, Costco made me call their concierge service instead. After about 2 hours on the phone - Costco connected me to Panasonic - they said they could send out a Panasonic repair person in 2 weeks.

Awesome. I think you are much better buying the product somewhere you can return it if it is under warranty.

to denova74 Portland, Oregon, United States #659368

Ok seriously name ONE store that is going to let you bring back a 9 month old television and give you a refund on it. I have worked in Costco electronics for 7 years and we offer the best customer service by far.

We even give you U.S. Based technical support for your television. If you are unwilling to have the television fixed and just want your money back obviously you are just wanting to upgrade. There is not one store out there that is going to let you bring back a tv after 3 months and give you your money back.

Costco does take care of its members. If your television did not get fixed Costco WOULD take care of you.

People like you who want something for nothing just irritate me. :( :( :(

to denova74 Anchorage, Alaska, United States #665838

You know that when you buy a TV, or almost any other item, you only get a one year warranty most of the time, right? On top of that, most retailers give you a 30 day return policy, often ONLY IF THE TV FAILS.

Take your over-priced Wal-Mart TV back after 86 days and tell them it was too small. They'll laugh you out of the store!

As for Concierge Services, they facilitate communications between you and the vendor. It's what they do after basic troubleshooting.

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