Eugene, Oregon
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I bought a pair of Kirkland hearing aids there. I've been wearing Beltone HA's for 9 years, thought it was time to upgrade.

I wore the new ones for two days and they hurt my ears. I called and asked if I could bring them in and change the domes (part that goes in your ear) and they said yes. Did that, although the lady at the desk was snippy and said, "Usually people wait for their follow up appointment to do this." I said "they were too uncomfortable to wear." Two days later I brought them back, returned them, because they were still so uncomfortable. No problem--they took them, gave me my money back.

I called about a week later asking for an appointment to try again with a different brand, and perhaps a different audiologist since it didn't work out at all the first time. No problem, appointment set. Went in today and they showed me a different (more expensive) pair. They worked ok, I wanted them.

She said, "You'll have to come back Monday and see if we can sell you another pair, I have to get permission from my manager because you returned the other pair so quickly." I said, "But the contract said I could return them within 30 days." She said, "Yes but the manager told me earlier that you returned them so soon and we need to be sure you're ready for hearing aids." I said, "But I've been wearing them 9 years, and no one said anything to me about returning them too early, and what was I supposed to do?" "Well we had to destroy the pair you returned and we can't just let you buy another pair." Wow. I told her I'd get my hearing aids somewhere else, and left.

Will never shop for anything at that store again. Be careful when you buy because you can return them apparently but you can't buy another pair unless the manager thinks you're "ready."

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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