We LOVE Costco and their is no Costco near Warner Robins, GA. The closest warehouse store is in Macon and it is a SAM'S We DO NOT like Sams Club!

Please come to the Macon area and give Sam's a run for their money? ? Sam's hot dogs and pizza are horrible! They have a much smaller store and don't have nearly as much to offer as Costco does.

It is a long way for us to travel to go to our nearest Costco.

PLEASE consider building a Costco store near Warner Robins? We had the best Costco in Arizona and really miss having one here.

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Byron, Georgia, United States #1325054

I have visited your Costco store in Augusta, Georgia where my son lives. We would really like for a Costco to come very soon to the Warner Robins or the Macon area.

Please consider coming to this area. Thanks.


Have lived in San Diego, Memphis and Virginia Beach. Have had Costco in each location.

We will be moving from Virginia Beach, VA to Warner Robins, GA and there will be no Costco nearby. Help, help!

Please, please put a new Costco in Warner Robins, GA. Macon, GA is not close enough.


Aman, I've been going to Atlanta for the last 15 years. I love Costco that much and there is no comparison to Sam's Club. Costco is much more super!


I agree, Sams and Walmart are holding middle Georgia hostage. Lots of new infrastructure should warrant a new location study by the Costco folks.


I just heard that they are breaking ground for a Costco in Macon by Kohls. I'm originally from Seattle where Costco started and went to their very first store and sure miss their great customer service and it's a great place to work.

They care about their employees with great benefits etc. Woohoo!!!

Finally!!!! Don't know when they estimate it will open.

Macon, Georgia, United States #751870

We are looking for the nearest store to Macon, Georgia. We are also tired of shopping at Sam's Club.

We are actually stock owners in Costco and were impressed by the business model.

We are now planning the 1 1/2 hour trip to Jonesboro to shop there and see if we like it enough to make the trip every few months to make it worth our while. Please, put Macon, Georgia on your list of people ready for a change from Sam's Club Boring routine.

Warner Robins, Georgia, United States #660225

Totally agree! We really need one!

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