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they popped my car moulding putting on new tires, then woudlnt fix and wouldnt man up to it, said I musta done it right before I came in. of course a lie. So I went to war with them and it took FOREVER but I won at last but it was like WWIII and forever days to 'win' a pittance... and only after beign called a lier!

what the heck is wrong with these people I WAS a huge customer and huge fan... now I hate them. all for this?

like I said WTF????

crazy surreal the worst. ever. all imho.

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Was this even posted in English. I recognize a few words that are in line with the English language but I think its mostly ignorant gibberish from some sort of ape.

Quit whining about your beater of a car and blaming other people for your garbage.

And considering your basic grasp of communication, I doubt you were any sort of "huge customer". They don't typically just give money to monkeys.

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