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Elavon is one of the partner of Costco. Elavon is the former Nova with a big attitude.

Yes they can talk to you in many languages, but they cannot supply you with a decent terminal. And at the end of the terminals are the little mom and Pop operations lured to deal with them. Yes, the discount rates are good, the money is a the bank the next day rains or shines...but the terminal on the counter of the merchant is not working properly.

Four terminals in 13 months...First the checks are not processed anymore, then the debit cards processing act foolishly...American Express Costco #1 partner is not accepted at least on the one I know....$88.00 dollars each time. Give us a break, please.

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Credit Card.

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Our experience with Elavon from day one to now is extremely bad. They are holding $30,000 of our processed fund in reserve, and pulled more from our bank account to a total of $50,000 processed in the past 12 months.

There have not been any chargebacks nor dispute at all from day one. This company, and the ppl who work within this company. Karma is gonna come to you guys sooner or later. Everyone who is within the scam organization, god is going to punish all of you including your families.

*** scums.. :(


Kustom Rides - we went through the same you did. The biggest issue with Elavon is that their customer service is very poor.

The rep assigned to our account never returns phone calls after I leave messages for days and only hear from her after I had to get a hold of one of her colleagues asking her to contact me. They charge you with fees and if you tell them that you were not made aware of this and you cannot find it in the contract they give you lame excuses like we should have asked more details about their charges, fees etc. when we opened an account with them. The rep who "sold" us on Elavon was just money hungry for commission and was not very informative.

It seems like Elavon does not have interest in small businesses and should only do business with large companies. We signed up with a different merchant services provider and they are awesome. They return your phone call within a couple of hours and have several reps able to help you.

I just wish I would have done more thorough reviews about Elavon before signing up with them. Lost lots of money and wasted time with them.


This is a little distressing to read - guess I've been lucky - I've had excellent service from Elavon. :)


*** elavon put my money on hold and never gave it back..and they are taking money from my bank account those retards and not from the reserve...what's the point of the reserve then?? *** retards


If you want to put through 50,000 dollars in transactions and have your funds frozen for 200 days then this is the merchant for you ! As pete said stay away from these crooks !


STAY AWAY FROM ELAVON -WARNING - THIS COMPANY IS A COMPLETE SCAM ! If your company puts through a large transaction they will hold your funds and freeze your account for 30 days ._ WARNING _


Chris, thank you for your review...I have been considering them and it sounds like there is no one or no company that is different. They are all monsters.


I thought that Costco would be a good way to go, after all they wouldn't pick a company that didn't represent them in the best possible light would they?



:( :( :(

This has too be the most crooked CC company out there. I've been in business with them 20 years now too find out they have been ripping me off percentage wise.

When I asked them about this after twenty years and tons of money in their pockets , they said they could do a tiered projection and see if applied for discounts. Their personal call back and said we applied for lower rates , which where still twice as high as competitors. I asked them why they had not done this sooner , they claimed that they did not have enough staff too take care of their customers in this dept. Really I been a customer for them twenty years.

WOW ! Not enough staff please! There customer service is awful , and I have closed my acct. in mid Sept, and they still are taking out admid.

charges . Now they want me to send my bank account too prove this , so they maybe can send some money back. Really ? Now I have to talk too my bank too get them off.

It appears they do alot of business with the big boys, but screw the little mom & pop companies. Beware this company is a top rated crook.

Wish I could find a attorney too take on this project, but these monopolies are too powerful. ARGHHHHHHHH !!!!


Ok - this is amazing! How is it that these guys can keep getting away with this nonsense.

I have a very similar situation with a chargeback, then refund, then held funds that I have been trying to resolve for over a month without any progress!

Meanwhile, our bank fees resulting from these back and forth have cost us a pretty penny. Who regulates these businesses?


We're quitting Elavon/Nova after years of doing business. The reason is that shortly after we received a chargeback without notice, which was reversed, Elavon stopped paying us for transactions.

Instead, they say they will place funds into a "security reserve" maintained for at least 270 days.

Not only that, but their letter was dated 4 days after they stopped depositing my funds. As further insult, I recently did a refund, which Elavon took out of my account and not the security reserve.


I've been trying to close my account since mid last month. So for some 20 days or so nobody at Elavon can seem to accomplish this for me. They have now given me FIVE non-functioning fax numbers that I must fax my termination notice to. I can't email it, I can't tell them verbally, so FINALLY one of my neighboring businesses got their fax number to answer. Now, I'm trying to get a hold of someone in the closure department, but there has only been a busy signal for a week and a half.

I'm leaving them because of a complete lack of customer service, so I have to pay an additional month of fees because the employees are too *** to accomplish the closing of my account. Now that I have faxed my termination, I spoke with someone from another office who told me that I am now waiting for an "inner office staff person to fax the closure department". Why didn't they give me THAT number????

These guys are really *** me off!


Guys I work for The Merchant Solutions, we have taken a lot of Elavon and Costco's customers in North Jersey recently. My only goal is to save merchants money, allow them to have a seamless transition, and to provide hands-on customer service when needed.

I guarantee no one can beat our rates or fees, we start at a 1.15 debit rate.

We have next-morning deposit.

Jules Doyle, I am very saddened to hear that you will be going with BoA or Chase, the companies that the big banks refer you to are the most notorious crooks out there.

Shoot me an email, mcelz818@gmail.com or call me at 9738190947.


I also have had a bad experience with Elavon. I signed with them through Collective POS (which is an even worse company).

They took money out of my account without permission and when I called to complain, they told me that they would refund the portion that should not have been taken out. It has been 6 months, they have not returned the money. I wrote several letters to them, and never received an answer. I left messages and no one called me back.

Once you sign you get no customer service or very bad service. I cancelled my contract and they want me to pay the cancellation fee, which I have refused to do so far out of principle. I will not pay thieves willingly.

They have forwarded my account to a their collections department which calls me 4 times a day! I am making sure that when I have to pay the fee I have had my money's worth of their time!

I am sad that Costco sold Elavon's services to its customers.


Elavon is by far the worse company out there not only are there tactics to make money for themselves obsolete but their security department are bullies they will hound you for actually selling too much. Go figure.

These is the worse merchant service company I have ever dealt with. They withold funds based on hunches. They cancel your account based on the fact that they are greedy.



This is just one of several issues. I was sent a CC terminal.

I made it clear that I had one already. Despite 4 attempts the rep wouldn't contact me. I was billed for it. It has been a nightmare sorting it out.

I have spent hours on the phone getting passed from one person to another, being told conflicting things. Goodness me! Only when I threatened to cancel the contract did she called me five minutes later. Now they've had the terinal over a week and I was told by a supervisor that once received the $530 would be deposited into my account.

Today i get a different story; I have to wait two weeks. That was the last straw.

My wife's business used NOVA and now uses Elavon. Before I signed up she told me "they're idiots". I signed up anyway.

This time she was right. I will cancel my contract and I will have her cancel hers:

$450,000 per annum x 1.99% = about $9000 Elavon will lose to Chase or B of A.




These clowns are not only inept, they are obstinate about it. They changed my access number (without my authorization!)for revising transactions from my Federal EIN to my personal Social Security number.

This meant that any and all of my employees who needed to revise a transaction at the end of a shift would need to use my SSN, which I did NOT wish to provide to my entire staff for obvious reasons. After 8 phone calls (two of which to the IRS, who verified that no such "law" exists requiring sole proprietors to use only their SSNs!) and all the associated "Hold" time (three hours)and repeated claims by Customer service "Supervisors" with no results, I finally got a guy in the "IRS Reporting Requirements Help Desk" who fixed my problem in 25 seconds.

I was spitting mad... will find a new credit card processor very soon.


Costco would do well to poll their customers who use Elavon to get their feedback, as they would hopefully reconsider having a partnership with such an unscrupulous company. And definitely read the finer print, as it appears from the promotions that you have a one-year contract but it is automatically a 2-year contract with all of Costco members. This will leave you holding a terminal that you can't return for a rebate and lots of fees that were not fully disclosed, and forget trying to reason with their customer service department.


What a joke Elevon is....They required a $15,000 indefinite deposit (with no interest of course) just to get a machine. This is after showing them $150,000 in business bank deposits on hand.

Do not waste your time even filling out an application.

I went to my local bank and had a terminal the next day. No deposits and no hassle.


Do not do credit card business with Costco and Elavon. They are not customer friendly, and they are quite greedy.