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Elavon is one of the partner of Costco. Elavon is the former Nova with a big attitude.

Yes they can talk to you in many languages, but they cannot supply you with a decent terminal. And at the end of the terminals are the little mom and Pop operations lured to deal with them. Yes, the discount rates are good, the money is a the bank the next day rains or shines...but the terminal on the counter of the merchant is not working properly.

Four terminals in 13 months...First the checks are not processed anymore, then the debit cards processing act foolishly...American Express Costco #1 partner is not accepted at least on the one I know....$88.00 dollars each time. Give us a break, please.

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Credit Card.

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Try returning your equipment - they insist on sending you a prepaid return box to put the equipment in but it takes 3 months to arrive - just another way to scam some extra $$$ from your account for rental fees


I am very *** because I recently signed up with Elavon. It has been a nightmare for me already.

I will not be using their service but I am stuck with 4 year contract so I will be paying them the basic fee in the next 4 years.

I am considering to take this matter to the court so they can close my account because I can't use the service and there's no good reason that I should be paying to them in the next 4 years.


Elavon should not be associated with Costco. Costco has a good rep and they will soon see how shady Elavon is. BTW read all the fine print before signing anything.


Elavon sucks

I recently had them close my account "for security reasons" they stole over $4000 and will not return calls nor give me any reasons. They have my bank account overdrawn and hit me with about $250 in service charges.

Their "security department" cannot be contacted directly, I am constantly told that they will contact me, which they never do.

Any help with Government departments I can complain to will be appreciated


I called Elavon when I looked at my bill in November of 2009 and noticed a $20.00 fee. The person on the phone told me that I have to get certified in order to avoid being charged $20.00 per month. I don't

look at this bill online every month because going online for everything is annoying. I used to get my statement mailed until they starting charging a $5.00 monthly fee for this. Again, they sneaked

this $5.00 fee without me knowing.

I asked for a refund for this monthly $20.00 fee that I have been

charged from December 2008 up to November 2009. I was told someone

would call me back, which never happened. I did however go online (they

wouldn't mail the application to me) and I was so upset that I had to

complete a book on my time. I said forget it and I will continue to pay

$20.00 until I sell or close my business in August of 2010, then I see

a large figure for my merchant proccessing fee on the bank statement

and called right away to be told that I was charged $135.00 December

2008 + $20.00 per month ever since and again I was charged $175.00 in

December of 2009 plus $20.00 for not completing this certification. How

can they get away with this??

So I hung up with this miserable person and went online to compete 227

questions and most questions didn't pertain to me (2 hours to complete)

since I have no employees and I work from home. Well I failed the

certification and again I had to call Elavon (20 minutes on hold). I

then got a nicer person who stayed on the phone with me and told me I

should have completed the 57 questions. You think the 1st guy would

have told me that?? So I then spent another 50 minutes of my life and

failed for missing 1 questions.


Update: I was charged $20.00 again in January even though I passed and completed PCI. I was told the scan didn't complete until February 8th and I am charged because it didn't pass the scan. What??? I did what I was told to do to avoid more fees and they just steal your money!!!!

Finally I am so called certified so they won't charged me $20.00 per

month on top the yearly fee. On rippoffreport.com, someone wrote the

Visa/Master Card charged $38.00 and Elavon slaps $175.00 yearly fee. I

am owed $260.00 for the monthly fee they stole from me + $135.00 for

never certifying my business. I was told that I was mailed a notice in

December of 2009 about the $175.00. I have wonderful credit and pay all

my bills on time because I do get my bills in the mail. This company lies and never

sent me a notice of these fees, no phone calls or emails. I never new I was charged $135.00 in

December 2008 and I couldn't look on my bill online that far back.

$20.00 addition is hard to notice but $195.00 additional fee I noticed. I want $395.00 back and I am now in compliance. This is just another fee for companies to produce income.

You wonder why people have hate, anger and fear in this world, its from

companies like these. So many rules that this land of the free we live

in disgusts me more and more as I get older. My bank account is open

for them to take whatever fees the freely wish.

I want my money back!! This company needs to stop.


Elavon SUCKS!!! Still in February 2010 I have tried cancelling this account for 5 months and each monthe still took out thed $20 charge,, I called & called they were supposwed to send me a fax..

NOPE and with this I was told I need to call back in 6 days to see if they had received it,, *** It's not like I have the time for this THEY needed to follow up.. Finally I got so mad when the 2nd and 3rd faxes DIDN'T show so I stayed on the line while they sent it and waited until it arrived before i let the poor *** off the line... This was on the 11th of January I immediatly sent the fax back then looked at my account today and they took another $20 out I called AGAIN and demanded a supervisor she said it had not come through until the month was half over!!!! SO they waited 4 additional days so they could collect another $20 This is Highway robbery!!!!

I am telling every business I know and those just starting NEVER NEVER use this service!! I've passed it on to my Food Service reps as well who are always setting up new accounts Cheap SLimy Business Elavon you should BE ashamed COSTCO REALLY have you checked these guys out??????

LOTS OF COMPLAINTS!!!! you should check into this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My story with Elavon is much more horrible. They suspended and cancelled our account to withhold all the money without any reason.

(We do not have any chargeback or fraud transaction in all time, only an inquiry which resolved) They then went into our bank account to withdraw all the money until reached the overdraft limit. Reason: none. The department took the action refused to take our call or call us back until we have to contact their mother company US Bank. Then they lied and made up terms and condition never heard.

They hold the money more than 4 months and then applied fraudulent charge.

They also provided false document to the government agencies where we made complaint to. Want to know more incidents like mine, try complaintsboard.com or epinion.com.


What is the $88 for? Your post isn't clear about this.

Terminals (like most thinkgs) typically carry a 1 year warranty. I used to be with Costco/Elavon and they replaced my out-of-warranty terminal for $150, which was about $600 less than a new one. Personally, I was glad to get the (albeit a refurbished) terminal vs. having to buy a new one.

If you've had to replace four terminals in 13 months, you likely have a problem with power surges coming through either your phone or A/C line that damaging your equipment. I would put in a surge protector on both lines.


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