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My recent request to return an item to Costco was rejected because of 2 years return rule. Costco said in order for them to accept the item they would need their VP's approval.

This is ridiculous I was returning the item because it didn't work, and the salesman said I could return the item anytime if I wasn't satisfied with it at the time I purchased it. I was trying to return the item not because I didn't like it, but it didn't work!!!

Costco should be clear about their return policy.

I am sure there are a lots of people like myself who buys thing with misconception!!!

Monetary Loss: $2.

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What a bunch of *** people. To the OP, it took you 2 years to learn that the product you had purchased did not work?

To Duke, you said that Best Buy has a 2 week return policy with restocking fee and Costco has 90 days, so you'd rather get a tv set from Best Buy because of this and because your *** *** can't fool Costco in taking back a TV that YOU have used for 5 years?! What a bunch of *** you are!


I bought two leather couches at Costco 2 years and four months ago. Both recliners on each couch have recently broken.

I took them to return/exchange them. I was told that if I had brought them back within two years, that would have been fine, but not now.

I paid a lot for these couches and expected them to LAST. 2 years 4 months for a couch is not long!


I know! I had the same problem.

Costco wouldn't take back my TV after 5 years, told me I only had 90 days. So I cancelled my membership. Bought one at Best Buy.

At least best buy has a 2 week return policy with a restocking fee. I showed them.


As a recent college grad i decided to get a Costco membership over a Sam one because of the lie they fed me. They had a 100% guarantee on any returns.

I told them that my dad returned his wedding ring 15 years later at a Sams and they honored it. The Costco rep said that was nothing blah blah blah, that they would have done that too. Next thing i know 100 days after i bought my new Sony tv, it starts have major problems. They won't return it and gave me a hard time about it.

I returned my membership based on that and other bad experiences with them.

It was my fault for being *** enough to believe them. I am contemplating getting a Sams membership but i will do my research first!


Costco does not have a 2 year return rule. They also do not have lifetime warranties on all of the items they sell.

That would be corporate suicide. If the manufacturer of an item will guarantee an item for 1 year after they have tested it extensively, how could cost o possibly say that it will last for 2 or 3 or 5 years. How long is that $ 40 coffee maker supposed to last? You were satisfied with the item for 2+ years.

Don't be a fool and think that anything should last forever. Costco stands behind what they sell, but not indefinitely.


I would call and speak with a manager you just got the wrong person. Costco will take anything your purchased from them back if it is broken.

They can verify the purchase through your membership even from two year's ago. I just recently returned my coffee maker that was broken and it was two years old.

However, they were able to verify that I did purchase it from them through my membership. If you are bringing something back that you didn't purcahse there - then they will know.


First of all I can read find thank you Irish. Second who has time to read their policies. I was told that I could return the item anytime.

Okay speaking of learning to read you need to learn how to spell.

customer is really spelled costomer, and patience is really spelled patients. Perhaps you are in grade two. Imagine a six year old teaching you how to spell costomer and patients.


What the heck?? Ummmmm....that's not how you spell customer.

And patients spelled the way you just did is the kind of people doctors take care of.

The kind of patience that was mentioned is the kind someone would need when teaching you to spell. Just saying, make sure you are right when correcting someone else.


You need to learn to read, if you can't get mommy or daddy to read for you. I understand that perhaps you are six, maybe seven years old.

They clearly have their policies not only in your membership contract but as well as their customer service desk.

Most policies are 90 days. You have to learn to read and to be patient, your lack of patience and inability to read makes me believe you are indeed in the second grade.