Burbank, California

Had three items in basket and was told by the cashier that everything has to go onto the belt. New manager. I complained and left without the stuff.

This is Costco normal rule that everything needs to go onto the belt. Manager told me this.

The rule of everything has to be put onto the belt needs to be changed. Every Costco has the same rule but not all follow this.

New manager does this change to keep the job. Manager understands what my complaint is about and the health and safety but the rule stands.

Leaving everything in cart with bar-codes in order makes checkout faster and no back injuries.

Have written to corporate and 986 Teamsters and will keep up until this is changes.

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Manager.

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I appreciate your concern for the backs of Costco employees who should not have to lift every heavy thing in the store and put it into a new cart. Your complaint must have been heard because I have never run into this issue.


You will change nothing and I laugh in your face at the thought of you being bothered by this rule at a private club to which you choose to subscribe.

That being said; your only concern listed here is that you might hurt your back lifting something out of your cart....well you put it in there, and I assume you will lift it out to put it into your minivan or soccer mom-mobile so we can all safely assume that lifting the item one more time shouldn't be a problem. (and it isn't, you're just mad because you were hiding stolen items in between the other stuff in your cart and you had no option except to flee the store with faux rage so they wouldn't catch you).


This is bravo sierra. The ONLY place where you have to put everything on the belt is the self-checkout.

If you can't do that, go to a cashier lane.

The cashier lanes do NOT specify this, and most often people leave their heaviest items (cases of water, et cetera) in the cart. The only thing the cashier asks is that you make sure the UPC is visible for scanning.


Costco has an excellent refund policy. Just take your membership card to the desk, and ask for a full refund. If they ask why, be sure to tell them that you're too *** to shop there...


If you were not so *** you would realize that you have to put your items on the belt so it will run over the scanner. That is the way it is done in every store i've been in.

That is so they do not skip a product you are buying and also if there is a theift warning tag attached so they can de activate it. See if they will give you a good deal on a brain.


Seriously? You walked out because you couldn't lift a finger?

I think you wasted more time complaining than just doing it! Think real hard about what you posted...there is a lot worse things in this world to complain about.


Arent you glad Walmart doesnt make you take your items out of the cart. Complain much? :grin


wow, i have to put the items on the belt, this is so foreign to me, i might have a heart attack from having to slightly exert myself NOT you are a c u n t


So was it going to kill you to put three items on the belt. I can't believe the things some people complain about.


Give me a break you big fat whiner. I think Costco should give you the belt as your parents should have.