Hobart, Indiana
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I applied for a refinance with Costco's partner "First Century Mortgage". I applied for a loan and was pre-approved in December.

I sent all my qualified paper work in at the end of December and paid for the appraisal of $400.00. The house has appraised a lot more than Expected and I was told we would be closing soon, end of January. Well, it is going to be March at the end of the week and we have heard nothing from the mortgage company. I have contacted the loan processor through voice mail, fax and email and he has not replied.

I am disgusted with this company and very angry at Costco for referring me. I am an Executive Member and a high volume customer. I would like to walk away from First Century but they already took my money and I am stuck.

I will never use Costco for referrals again. If anyone knows of how a can get my money and time back from the mortgage company or Costco please refer.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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K. But $400 is keeping you back?

It's good info to know though.

Thanks. (o;

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