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I visited Gaithersburg MD Costco on Friday, July 5th,2013; being waited a long time for 4 items; checkout counter and manager won’t accept my gift card, told me “you must have our membership card”; I’ve never had any problem using the same gift card at California locations; she lectured me about not a member at least 4 times. She told me she believed that I’ve always using gift card to avoid membership fee which was not true; this card was my 2nd time using the gift card for last 20 years.

The # 3 counter casher started to check other people out; just left my cart behind and totally ignored me; I talked to manager again, she told the cashier how to do it with gift card; but the cashier told me “you have no money in the gift card”; they wiped out my gift card by mistake so the balance was zero and laughed about it in front of all other customers. They called me “you should call your bank…”.

I left with nothing I plan to purchase and called Costco card services; he told me my last transaction was at the Gaithersburg Costco location for $19.97, that was exactly the remaining balance of my card. After that transaction the card balance was zero.

I called customer service; addressed my concerns and confirmed that the gift card users does not need to be a Costco member.

I went back and talked to manage and cashier again, they never apologized; still told me “you must be a member to use the gift card”; she even told me it is impossible that my card will wiped clean by them.

I’ve never been humiliated and insulted like today at Costco; I will have to write many reviews about this incident because I was so hurt, I am an old age Asian woman; I hope I was not getting discriminated by the Costco employees

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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If you suspect being discriminated, try filing a compliant with your state attorney general.


Costco employees are total *** :(

I'm sorry to hear what happened to you...