Why is Costco's membership not all it is cracked up to be? For starters most of their items are over priced at retail prices.

When in actuality they claim to be a wholesaler. Another issue I have with Costco is the fact that they accept no other credit card except American Express. Why is this? Why does American Express have a monopoly with Costco?

Guess what, Costco is profiting this arrangement as well. In this way, since Costco only accepts American Express they charge all their members additional fees for using their debit cards. This is an outdated policy, because they are losing consumers who prefer to pay with Visa, and other credit cards like myself. Another dumb thing at Costco is at their own food court they do not accept their own Costco Cash Card as a method of payment.

What genius thought of that idea?

Another idea Costco has not thought of or implemented is why don't they have an express check out line especially during the holiday season? I would really like to know what our membership fees are really paying for Costco?

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Clearly this OP is just plain dumb.


Wow... If stupider was a word, it could be used like...

I'm not sure I've heard anything stupider than "all" of what you wrote. I'll address each to help you understand how a company like this benefits the consumer (member)

1. I worked the buying side & can tell you items are not OVER priced. In fact, a few items make only a penny.

Items are given the lowest margin possible & buyers pull their hair out trying to get items for less without sacrificing quality. I've also done plenty of comp shops & can say others package similar to Costco to fool the consumer. Many items have less ounces/ pounds in the unit.


Yes, American Express is the only credit card because they charge less and offer members extra benefits if they use an AMEX card... Additional money back on purchases, 3% on gas etc etc.. You can also pay by debit, cash or check so it's not like you don't have other options. Your welcome to apply for an AMEX card (which does not have a yearly fee) if your a Costco member.


Not taking cash cards at the food court is simple. They are "cash Only" and it's a time saver for everyone in line. Some Costco's can ring up food court at the regular register. Check with your cashier.

4. Costco has thought about & tried self check out registers. Although I liked them, many issues come up with self check out and it uses payroll that can be used more effectively elsewhere. As for a 10 items or less, it's not beneficial to all members to have someone work a 10 items or less lane when the average member buys more than 10 items.


Maybe with all that said it will help you understand that everything Costco does is in favor of the members and in attempt to provide the best items at the lowest cost to you. Its too bad you had a bad experience at Costco I hope your future visits are more pleasurable.


Costco only deals with American Express because Amex gives them a better rate on the bank charges. Get in business for yourself and see what the different companies charge to "accept" their cards.

You would be shocked to see how much the companies charge. Also Costco/Price Club used to be cash and checks only, so taking Amex now and before that Discover is a good bonus.


I wouldn't shop there even if they paid ME $50 a year to do it. Long lines, items constantly out of stock and unreliable at best with their consistency of inventory.

Sheep and cattle shop at costco. It's what they know.


Has nothing to do with "honor". You are dead wrong about overpriced.

If you don't buy enough stuff, then cancel your membership and get it refunded. They have a special deal with American Express and it works out well for them and the savings are passed along. If you don't like it, shop elsewhere. They must be doing something right.

There is no other retail system that has anything close to their growth rate. Check with your stockbroker.


All membership cards pay for, "the honor of shopping there." I won't shop at any place that requires me to pay for a membership just to have the honor of shopping there.


Some people are so uninformed. You pay for a membership not for the "honor" to shop.

You pay for a membership to be a part of the savings. Yours! A $55 membership is for 2 people and (less than $5 a month) for the both of you. You could save over $55 on one purchase of glasses or hearing aids, contacts, high end wine etc..

But seriously if you want to shop at an over priced Target or grocery store just to say you didn't need to join the group of "honored" members, then spend away.