Merced, California
Not resolved

On 4/11/15, I went into the Costco in Merced, CA. I ordered a half pepperoni, half combination pizza.

The cashier read my order back to me and it was correct. My sister was with me and she went to pick it up when it was ready. They gave us the wrong one, and they had taken her receipt so she went back and said it was wrong. They told her that they couldn't take it back, so since she's a 12 year old with no experience with idiots, I went up there and talked to them myself.

As soon as I walked up, an employee said "wow they're back." Then who I assumed was the manager turned around and said "it is not my problem that you got the wrong pizza. You obviously ordered it wrong. I'm not giving you a refund and if you want another pizza it'll be another 30 minutes." When I said the employee read mes my order back and it was correct and that I know what I ordered he just said "still Not my problem". About two minutes later a kid came up to me wondering if I had his pizza because he got the wrong one too.

It was my pizza, but the way that *** employee talked to me was completely wrong. I guess that's what happens when you work at Costco for years and think you have job security. I, too, have been working fast food for years and would never imagine speaking to a customer like that. Costco needs to reprimand this employee or just fire him completely because he blamed me for his mistake all without an "I'm sorry".

*** you.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Costco Pros: Price.

Costco Cons: Horrible customer service, Cashier, Mistakes not fixed.

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