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I'm tired of going to Costco only to find that the store has replaced an item with an inferior substitute (usually a Kirkland brand), a more expensive alternative, or eliminated it altogether. E.g., I used to be able to gat a year's supply (52) Gillette razor blades for around $25, then these were replaced by a package of 26 that costs $26.99.

Just one example of the types of bait-and-switch Costco has done over the years. The company seems far more interested in pushing high-margin *** these days than providing what its members really need.

Today when I went to Costco to buy, among other things, the 2-pack of 16-oz. Grey Poupon, I discovered it had been replaced with a brown deli mustard that I would never think of buying.

This was the last straw. I left my laden cart in the aisle and walked out.

I am canceling my membership and joining Sam's Club.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Ditto on the pissed customer’s comments. I have at least 5 other items over the years of membership.

If they are concerned about the price point why not buy it and pass it on to the (my membership did go up this year). But what I really don’t like is there *** if you don’t like attitude


I highly doubt it was the same product, but a very similar one. The fancy replacement blades are getting really expensive, but are probably cheaper per blade than buying them elsewhere (for the same exact product).


You have the wrong definition of bait and switch. Look it up. You correctly made a choice not to buy, but I have no use for Sam's and I love Costco.