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Update by user Apr 15, 2017

Actually had to get a government agency involved. AmEx was really responsive once a complaint was filed.

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For years Costco has provided excellent customer service and products for myself and family. Its so surprising their lack of concern now.

I never liked American Express, but after Costco representatives talked me into getting them I opened three accounts with AMEX through Costco. For years I had great service on the accounts. A couple of years ago I closed one of the accounts with the sale of a business. Recently Costco transferred their AMEX accounts to Citibank.

I found that I needed some statements from the account that I had closed. Figured I would call AMEX and get them. When AMEX finds out it was a Costco account they cannot get off the phone fast enough with you. They just want to send you to Citibank.

The people at Citibank are great and tried to help me but they didnt have the information because the account was closed prior to the change over. AMEX, after hours on the phone says they will send out the statements but they never come. AMEX will not elevate your complaint to a supervisor once they find out it was a Costco card. They either hang up on you or tell you to wait for a supervisor and then transfer your call to Citibank.

I called Costco for help and they told me I was on my own. This was a big surprise because they have always helped with their recommended services. I will never trust them on their partners again.

It seems like these days its buyer beware. Citibank is great now but what happens when Costco changes partners again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Credit Card.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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how is this costco's fault that you closed your credit line? the reason why they did was because amex wanted to charge more interest rates and went to citi because it was less interest with more rewards.

And costco doesnt change cards that often.

amex was with us since the 80's. this is more of an issue with amex not costco

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