On 9-13-07 of last week I wrote about a Friend of Mine that visited a COSTCO Hearing Aid Center where he felt offended and very disappointed in the way he was treated by the assigned Hearing Aid Dispenser, at that location.

The emphasis by the Hearing Aid Dispenser seemed to be about bragging that She wasn't on Commission and that it was unimportant to her,and really of no interest, whether he purchased Hearing Aids or not, she demonstrated that, by refusing to provide or perform a Hearing Test on Him, when he stated that he felt,regardless of what an audiogram reflected, he didn't feel he needed to wear Hearing Aids.

The Hearing Aid Dispenser appeared shocked at the audacity the Prospect displayed, when he asked her what the criteria was, other than the test results (Audiogram) for the use of Hearing Aid.

How about Need?

Is it possible for a Person to technically have lower than normal hearing thresholds, and actually not need Hearing Aids?

That seemed a simple enough inquiry.

In my experience, the first thing the Hearing Aid Dispenser should have done is to interview the Prospect for Hearing Aids.

Such an interview would revealed the Personality of the Prospect, and the Prospects attitude about using Hearing Aids.

Such an interview might have also revealed or demonstrated, whether in fact the Prospect suffered with a Hearing Loss by asking the Hearing Aid Dispenser to repeat what she was say, and also misinterpreting what she was saying.

The Hearing Aid Dispenser should have explained the Purpose of a Hearing Test and what it revealed and the supposed consequence of what it revealed.

The Hearing Aid Dispenser could have given examples of why other People use Hearing Aids and in what Situations.

The Hearing Aid Dispenser could have also explained how a Digitial Hearing Aid functions, and why they are designed the way they are.

The Hearing Aid Dispenser could have explained when,how,and why, People use Hearing Aids, including the fact that they only have to be worn when they are really needed, totally at the Discretion of the User.

The Hearing Aid Dispenser should have performed the Hearing Test and Evaluation, that the Prospect was willing to submit to.

Such a test, which should have, especially in this Case, included a Speech Discrimination Test, whereby the Prospect is instructed to reproduce the Given Selected Words, as he understands them, and which are recorded for errors as they are spoken, and then not only the Audiogram with the Xs and Os on it,positioned and posted to the Audiogram when they are established, but the Speech Discrimination Scores which are totaled and shown as Percentages of Speech Understanding Correctly Scores, may have made more sense to the Prospect.

The Hearing Aid Dispenser could have even repeated a Speech Discrimination Test, using a Different Word List, and given the Prospect a Duplicate List of the Words so the Prospect could see that he was misunderstanding the words that were actually being spoken.

All of the above would have required some interest and patience on the part of the Hearing Aid Dispenser which obviously she didn't have.

Perhaps if She was on Straight Commission, She would have been more Professional, Thorough,Efficient, and Productive, instead of BEING AN ORDER TAKER FOR PEOPLE WHO WANTED AND DEMANDED TO BUY HEARING AIDS, AT WHAT THEY THINK ARE CHEAPER PRICES THAN THEY CAN GET ANYWHERE ELSE.

Such People are of course, WRONG.

Interesting enough, this Afternoon, an existing Hearing Aid User, with strictly a High Frequency Hearing Loss, visited my Office and remarked, that even though he owned Specific High Frequency Hearing Aids, he only wore them selectively. He didn't feel he needed them all the time.

He obviously did use them when he wanted to and when he felt he needed them, because he came in to have them serviced. Which we did.

I didn't order him out of my Office, as perhaps the COSTCO Hearing Aid Dispenser might have, because she didn't like his attitude, or that he didn't obey her orders on how,when,and where, he had to use the Hearing Aids.

Interestingly, the Wife of my Friend that had that bad Experience at the COSTCO Hearing Aid Center was in my Office when My Client expressed his opinion regarding the Need Of Hearing Aids, and once again the Experience proved I was right.

Although she probably won't admit it.

Buyer Beware.....among others.....COSTCO HEARING AID CENTERS.

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