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To Whom It May Concern:

This order was referencing a Dell computer that I purchased from I have been a member for over 11 years. I placed this order on 9/23/2010 and at the time was a bit confused at the 12-15day turnaround time to get my Dell computer shipped out to me so I called customer service prior to placing the order and the representative assured me that I will definitely receive my merchandise within the 12-15day business time and in most instances it will ship much sooner. I felt confident after hearing this and placed the order.

My company does tens of thousands of dollars worth of business with Costco and my family has been members way back when it was still Price Club and thing that kept us members was the great customer service. My experience in trying to sort out the situation with my order and how rude the representative Ed Miketa was on the phone with me has negated a decade plus of great service. He raised his voice on the phone while discussing the issue on multiple occasions and was very cross. At the end of the conversation he assured me a call back after looking into the situation no later than 5pm of Friday; I received no phone call nor a message or email of any sort.

I spent over 5 hours going back and forth between Dell and Costco; Costco reps telling me that a part was back-ordered and the Dell reps assuring me that there was never any back order and the order was placed on October 5th with Dell (I placed this order on 9/23/10) and it would not ship until October 20th unless Costco authorizes immediate shipment of the item, which was in stock and has always been available. All Ed had to do was to call Dell at the Order Modification Line at 800-247-2076 and authorize the expedited shipping and all would have been okay and I would have received the item within the 15business days period as promised. Ed yelled at me basically and said "I WILL NOT PAY $80 FOR YOU TO GET YOUR PURCHASE EARLY!." I explained that all I wanted was my merchandise in the time frame promised and he said that we have to wait for it to become late and then Costco would just reimburse me; which was a terrible resolution. He then assured me a callback at the end of the day after contacting Dell which I never received.

Our company does tens of thousand of business in office supplies and materials in addition to decades of my family giving Costco our business as well and I promise I will do everything in my power to ensure that we do not do any more business with Costco or This was the worst service experience that I have ever had and I will be sharing this with as many consumers, websites, and agencies as possible to ensure that no one else gets such horrible service. This will cost Costco a great deal of revenues that could have simply been avoided by providing just an ounce of good service and a follow-up call.

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similar situation. ordered a dell pc more than 2 weeks ago.

no follow up. cannot get through someone on the phone even after 45 min.

with costco for 15 yrs. horrible service when it comes to computer orders.


You may have been a member of costco for 11 years but you can't classify your self as a loyal member since yu boycott them once the first thing goes wrong so I doubt they will be missing you.

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